To produce high performance lightweight expedition worthy shelters for all season use

Good Things Come in Three's


Tents are designed and
sewn by us, in Colorado


Only the best materials,
only the best construction


Great design, great craftsmanship, and great materials equal great performance in nasty weather

Made in USA

Great tents. Good friends. Lifelong Memories.

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Teepee Tents

A teepee tent has an amazing space to weight ratio, and the conical shape sheds high winds equally well from any direction.  Adding a tent stove allows you to winter camp in heated tent comfort.  Our shelters make great backcountry hunting tents, winter camping tents, or backpack hunting tents.  Our gear is used from the far north to the far south, and as far east as the Mongolian highlands.  We are good at what we do, and our gear reflects or pride and commitment to craftsmanship.

We offer a variety of sizes of tipi tents, pyramid tents, and backpacking tents.  Our customers use our gear in very harsh conditions in remote parts of the world, so our focus is on building quality. 

Quality has three parts - Design, Craftsmanship, and Materials. 

Design goes beyond looks, shape, and function, and encompasses fabric qualities and craftsmanship.  Design brings out the strength in fabrics and removes the weakness, and preferably makes it efficient to sew. 

Craftsmanship is very important, and we are lucky to make all of our gear in-house, and to have extremely gifted and experienced sewers on staff.  We are really good at sewing, and when you see our gear you can tell it just by looking.

Materials dramatically affect a products performance, so we use the best Materials we can source.  Our tent fabrics are usually twice as waterproof as lower end tents, and often twice as thick.  We don't cut corners on fabrics.

Tipi Tents:

Our camping teepees feature a traditional conical shape and use modern ultralight materials. Due to the conical shape, our teepees handle wind from any direction equally well.  These teepee tents offer a tremendous amount of covered space for the weight, and are very easy to set up compared to a traditional canvas wall tent.  These tipis withstand high winds very well, and with a little maintenance do very well in the snow as well. 

Floorless Tents:

We get a lot of questions about floorless tents....what about bugs, snakes, mud???  Lets start with the reasons that floorless tents are compelling - size to weight ratio, and ease of living.  Without a floor you can have a very large shelter at a light weight, which makes for a much more comfortable teepee style tent.  It also allows you to have a camping tent with a stove.  Floorless tents are also cleaner in bad weather.  When it's raining you can walk in with muddy boots and not worry...try doing that with a bathtub floor.

For muddy conditions a Ground Tarp or Half Floor works well, as does a sheet of tyvek to protect your sleeping area.  For bugs or other creepy crawlies screen doors or a nest are a great option.

Stand Up Tents  - Standing height begins at 6 feet or 72".  All these tents are this height and taller.

Hot Tent Combos - These hot tent bundles include tent, tent stove and pipe, plus a half liner to control condensation.

Backpacking Tents - These backcountry tents focus on light weight for high mountain thin air pursuits.

Dyneema Tents - Dyneema Cuben Fiber is ultralight yet strong and incredibly waterproof.  The fabric is expensive, but the space to weight ratio is compelling.

Pyramid Tents - Our pyramid tents feature subtle catenary cuts buried in the seams that allow them to pitch very tightly.  These tents lay out well for space, weight, and usage and have been tested in extreme environments.