Tent Stoves

Tent Stoves

Packable, Portable, Practical

Made from ultralight grade 1 Titanium, our tent stoves can take temperatures up to 3000°F and will never rust. Our wood burning tent stoves keep you warm in freezing temperatures, and make great flat top stoves for cooking. Available in a box style or u-turn style, for more info:

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Tent Stove

Tent Stoves

Tent Stoves

Our tent wood stoves make winter camping a hot affair.  A camping wood stove allows you to warm up, dry wet gear, cook meals, melt snow, and sit around in the evening listening to the crackle and pop of a wood fire in heated bliss.  Portable wood stoves are easy to use and provide safe heat in cold weather.


Tent Wood Stove Quality

We build our camping wood stoves to an expectation of usefulness and durability rather than down to a price point.  There are four areas of quality that we focus on in our tent stoves.

Portable Wood Stove Design - We make flat top box stoves because they are easier to assemble than a cylinder stove, they are easier to cook on, and they are much more durable.  

Wood Burning Tent Stove Craftsmanship - Our portable wood stoves are precision cut and bent.  Our seams are a triple bent design that together with tight tolerances allows excellent air control in a packable wood stove.

Backpacking Wood Stove Materials - We make titanium wood stoves from 30 gauge, Grade I Titanium.  We use this premium material for several reasons:

Titanium wood burning tent stoves are stronger and lighter than stainless wood stoves.

Grade I Titanium has a melting temp of over 3000° F, more than 500° higher than the melting temp of stainless.

Titanium has excellent heat transfer properties.

Titanium doesn't rust.  The lifespan of a sheet metal stove is how long it takes before the belly rusts through.  Our stoves don't rust, so they will last a very long time with reasonable care.


Portable Tent Wood Stove Comparison Chart

Stove Medium Large SXL XL Big Mama
Fire Box Width 8.25" 8.25" 10.25" 10.25" 11"
Fire Box Height 8.25" 8.25" 8.25" 10.25" 13"
Fire Box Length 10.25" 14" 14" 14" 16"
Assembled Height 12" 12" 12" 15" 18"
Assembled Weight(Incldes Damper / Legs / +Storage Bag) 26 oz 35 oz 40 oz 50 oz sub 5 lbs
Stove Pipe Diameter 2.50 3.125 3.125 3.125 3.125
Stove Pipe Weight (Includes Rings) 1.5 ounces per ft 2 ounces per ft 2 ounces per ft 2 ounces per ft 2 ounces per ft
Material Titanium 30G Titanium 30G Titanium 30G Titanium 30G Titanium 30G
Volume CI 660 CI 940 CI 1280 CI 1440 CI 2300 CI