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What is a liner?

A liner is a breathable piece of fabric that lines the inside of a shelter in order to protect your gear from condensation. So the water will pass through the liner as evaporation and when it builds up on the outer wall of the tent as bigger droplets, when the tent is moved by the wind or unzipped, the bigger droplets fall on the liner instead of your gear. It is kind of the same concept as gore-tex. 



What is the difference between the light version and the standard?

The Light version is only going to have one door. That also means that the stove jack can be moved to a more centralized location, being behind the center pole instead of skewed to either side. The light versions also have line loc extensions instead of standard cordura stake loops. 



What is the difference between standard and U-turn stoves?

U-turn stoves are going to be the Ultralight stoves. They feature a piece of Titanium foil that functions as the sides, instead of having 3 individual sides. The U-turn stove is going to have a thinner diameter stove pipe. The Standard is typically a little easier to set up. 



Do you still make Dyneema tents?

We do but only in limited quantities for a limited time. Due to supply shortages we typically do 3-4 Dyneema sales every year. They are first come first serve. You can sign up for our newsletter or sms to be informed when those are available. 



What are the door screens?

 Door screens are a layer of No See-um Mesh that is sewn into the zipper door portion of the shelter. They are there so that you can leave the main door open to allow air to flow through the tent but bugs cannot. They cannot be added after the tent is made.



What is better between the carbon fiber and aluminum pole?

Both options have about the same strength. The difference is that Carbon Fiber is much lighter, however if the center pole fails with high winds or heavy snow load, the carbon fiber will probably splinter whereas the aluminum will probably just bend. 



What is a nest?

A nest is a fully enclosed inner shelter that can be set up inside of the tent for full protection. The sides are made from bug mesh and the floor is a waterproof silnylon. Door screens can protect against flying insects but a nest will protect against snakes and ticks as well as keeps you off of wet ground.  



What should I use as a floor?

We usually recommend putting a sheet of House wrap underneath your sleeping pad if you want something.