Lead Times 1-3 weeks

Titanium Wood Stoves

TItaniums superior burn characteristics and weight make it the ideal material to construct a lightweight wood stove form when weight, portability and performance are the primary goals.  These stoves assemble easily, and dissasemble to nearly flat and the stove pipe rolls up into a cylinder. Due to titaniums heat transfer efficiency, these are capable of heating your tent when it's really cold out and can keep coals for hours. 

Availability: Stoves are always in production. Sometimes we have some models in stock, sometimes they are being built and can take 2 - 4 weeks.  

Note: These are approved for winter use on Grand Canyon river trips, however you need to contact them and tell them you plan to use one.  In other words they will work great for winter trips where fire pans have traditionally been required. 



Packable Tent Wood Stove Comparison Chart

Stove Small Medium Large SXL XL XXL Stainless
Fire Box Width NA 8 8 10.25 10.25 11
Fire Box Height NA 8 8 8 10.25 13
Fire Box Length NA 10.25 14 14 14 16
Assembled Height NA 12  12 12 15 18
Assembled Weight(Incldes Damper / Legs / +Storage Bag) NA 26 30 38 44 112
Stove Pipe Diameter NA 3.125 3.125 3.125 3.125 4
Stove Pipe Weight (Includes Rings) NA 2 ounces per ft 2 ounces per ft 2 ounces per ft 2 ounces per ft 2.8 per ft
Material NA Titanium 30G Titanium 30G Titanium 30G Titanium 30G Stainelss 26G
Volume CI NA 660 CI 940 CI 1280 CI 1440 CI 2300 CI



Made in the U.S.A from the best materials sourced both domestic and globally 

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