Hot Tent Bundles

Hot Tent Bundles

Hot Tent Bundles

The Heart of Hot Tents: The Stove

Hot tents revolve around the wood-burning stove, the centerpiece that sets them apart. Providing a reliable source of heat, the stove allows for all season camping, cooking, and boiling water. 

Hot Tent Design

We use a stove jack, made from silicone coated fiberglass, for our stove pipe exit out of the tent. Unlike others,  we sew the stove jack nearest the pole, making the exit point higher and minimizing melting risk. There is a closeable peak vent on our tipi tents to make sure air flow is being directed in and out of our tents. Using ultralight materials for our stove, tent, and liners, we aim to make the lightest possible hot tents on the market while also maintaining our reputation for durability.  

Liners - Condensation and Insultation

Liners play a crucial role, preventing condensation drips and adding insulation for extra warmth. Liners pitch on the inside of your hot tent, turning the tent into a double wall tent. 


Hot tents offer tons of space to accommodate up to 6 people with a stove. Move freely, organize your gear, cover your firewood, and even stand up inside the tent.

Why Hot Tents?

Whether you're on a winter camping trip, a late season hunt, or a backcountry skiing expedition, hot tents offer the perfect solution for four season camping. 

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