Trekking Pole Tents

Trekking Pole Tents

Trekking Pole Tents

Trekking Pole Tents

A trekking pole tent is a type of lightweight shelter designed for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize minimal weight and compactness in their gear. Unlike traditional tents that come with pre-attached poles, a trekking pole tent utilizes trekking poles as the main support structure. 


The tent's design relies on securing the trekking poles to the peaks of the tent, providing the necessary tension for the shelter. This innovative approach significantly reduces the overall weight of the tent, making it ideal for those embarking on long-distance hikes, thru-hiking, or any adventure where carrying a lighter load is essential.


We specialize in designing and manufacturing trekking pole tents that are both practical and reliable. Our primary focus is on creating lightweight shelters that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Our commitment lies in crafting tents that will serve you well for many years, ensuring they can handle the demands of rugged terrains without compromising on strength and durability.

All our trekking pole tents are meticulously constructed in-house by a team of highly skilled sewers, showcasing the quality and craftsmanship we take pride in. Our dedication to excellence reflects in the performance of our gear.


At the heart of our products are innovative features, such as our patented zipperless tent doors, which not only reduce weight but also enhance overall durability. 

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