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Fire Starting & Wood Prep

“Tipi’s pitched on a sandbar of an Alaskan river, it’s been raining for four days, EVERYTHING is soaked, how do I light a fire in my stove?”We get asked this and similar questions frequently, so we decided to tackle the issue. How to start a fire in bad conditions: Use a knife to prep dry tinder.Find fatwood or use a commercial extender.Use a saw / axe or saw / knife / baton to split rounds and g… read more

Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips

Winter camping and hot tenting can be an incredible time to be out. Some of the benefits of winter snow camping are that it's far easier to find solitude and you have far more travel and packing optio… read more

by Kevin

Tipi Seam Sealing Step by Step Guide

Sealing one of our tipis or backpacking tents can be done quickly, effectively, and with little mess.Our seams are flat felled, meaning the fabric is folded over itself in a particular way before bein… read more

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