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Hunting Backpack Fit

Western big game hunters are masochists. No other sport combines such effort and exhaustion in pursuit of an animal - that is in exponentially better shape than you - with the foreboding certainty of suffering through a packout if successful. When hunting the high country you pay to play, and you pay again when you win. The currency is sweat - and sometimes, pain. A good backpack, prop… read more

Nutrition 101 for Backcountry Hunters

As if organizing your tags, scouting locations, preparing your gear, and physical conditioning wasn’t enough, meal planning for your backcountry hunts can add an additional layer of complication. You’… read more

by Heather's Choice

Faces of Seek Outside: Angie Timm

Angie Timm is the fearless leader here at Seek Outside. Everyone in the shop has a deep appreciation for what she does, not only as employees but as friends. She has a huge heart full of respect and l… read more

by Bekah K. Ficco

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