Hunting Packs

Hunting Packs

Hunting Packs

Performance Hunting Packs

Breakaway Carry Packs 

  • Allows you to separate the pack bag from the frame
  • Can carry awkward loads in between pack bag and frame
  • Detach the pack bag to use the frame & Suspension as a load hauler
  • Frame and suspension are rated to carry over 150 pounds


Breakaway Suspension and Frame System:

Our minimalistic and lightweight hunting packs feature a breakaway frame system, granting you the versatility to detach the bag. Now, carrying awkward loads, such as game meat or hunting equipment, becomes a seamless task. For Integrated packs, see Backpacking Packs

Built for Durability:

Crafted with high-quality Ultra400, Ultragrid, and reinforced stitching, our packs endure the harshest hunting conditions with unwavering durability. Water proof fabrics keep you from needing a rain cover, and the flexible frame and ensure your load remains stable and secure throughout your hunt. Rated for over 150 pounds of carry. 

Tailored for Your Hunt:

We understand the unique demands of backpack hunting, and our packs are meticulously tailored to cater to your needs. Designed with strategically placed pockets, compression points, and roll top closure, accessing your gear quietly and efficiently is second nature. The ergonomic design, adjustable belt, and adjustable harness guarantee a comfortable fit.


Our hunting packs are not just limited to hunting. Whether you're hiking rugged terrains or on backcountry excursions, our packs adapt and perform flawlessly in any environment.

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