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Hunting Packs

Seek Outside Hunting Backpacks

Our lightweight, heavy hauling backpacks feature a streamlined design specifically for backcountry big game hunting.  What separates a Seek Outside backpack from other hunting backpacks ?  

  • Articulating Vertically Stiff Frame (AVST) 
  • Field Adjustable Frame Height (FAFH)
  • Dynamic Belt System (DBS) 
  • Rapid Adaptable Compression System (RACS)
  • Waterproof Forever Fabrics and water resistant pack bag designs 

What else can you expect from a Seek Outside backpack ?  Robust build materials and quality,  extreme comfort and fit adjustment, interchangeable pack bags and finally guaranteed against defects in materials and construction for life.  

Don't listen to us though, or to anyone else.

Be your own judge. 


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