U-Turn Stove Conversion Kit

$59.00 - $69.00

This kit replaces the sides and back of our standard Medium or Large stoves with the U-Turn sides and back, saving weight over the standard versions.


  • Medium U-Turn Conversion Kit (U-Turn Side and 2 wing nuts) - 3.1 oz  (the weight savings over medium box stove sides - 6 oz)
  • Large U-Turn Conversion Kit (U-Turn Side and 2 wing nuts) -  3.8 oz ( the weight savings over large box stove sides - 7.4 oz)


  • U-Turn sides/back
  • Wing Nut rear supports
  • Storage Tube

*Note - our U-Turn stoves feature a smaller diameter pipe and damper, so those stoves will be lighter than a standard stove with the conversion kit.

To install:

Replace your sides and back with the U-Turn body.  Add wing nut rear supports to your rear legs.  The stove top will sit atop these wing nuts.  The wing nuts need to be adjusted up or down to close any gap between the U-Turn body and the top, but not so tight that you crush the U-Turn material.

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