Hot Tent Combos

Hot Tent Combos

Hot Tent Combos

Hot Tents

Our core business is making top quality hot tents that are lightweight enough to pack into the backcountry or make weight on a bush flight, yet strong enough to survive a week on Kodiak, and roomy enough to be comfortable when the weather turns for the worse.

Our hot tents use top quality materials and are handmade in our shops in Grand Junction, Colorado. 

We operate differently than most companies.  Our recipe for success is to build truly compelling products that solve real world customer problems, and to back those products with insanely good customer service.  Great products, great's simple, but it works.

Hot Tent Design

We build premium, top shelf tents.  We've got tents annually above the arctic circle, on Kodiak Island, on remote sheep hunts, we've even had gear on Antartica.  

Fabrics play a big part in design.  Fabric performance in weather is really a bell shaped curve.  Some cheaper fabrics perform perfectly well for most users and most uses, but when you get to the tails of the curve - to the extremes of weather - they start to break down.  We build tents to perform in those more extreme cases.

Customer Service & Warranty

Our Warranty covers material defects and workmanship for the lifetime of the product to the original owner.  Past that, we fix or repair product at a very fair price if it can be repaired (bears are rough on tents...some things just can't be fixed).

We take pride in our customer service, we take it very seriously.  We are a product and customer service company, not a marketing or price point company.