Hot Tent Combos

Hot Tent Combos

Hot Tent Combos

Hot Tents

A tent with a stove jack and a portable wood stove can turn a wet and cold winter camping trip into a good memory.  Our hot tents are a lightweight and easy to pitch alternative to a canvas tent with stove.  Instead of 80 lbs for the tent, you can be at 6 to 12 lbs for tent and stove!

For those new to hot tent camping, the general idea is to install a heat resistant stove jack into the tent canopy in order to heat the shelter with a portable wood burning stove.

Hot Tent Quality

Cold weather tents with stoves have been used for centuries, and our hot tents are an improvement on traditional designs.  We utilize ultralight yet very strong and durable fabrics.

There are four parts of quality that we focus on:

Winter Tent with Stove Design

Design goes beyond looks and function and involves subtle catenary cuts hidden in seams to tighten canopy panels for a tight pitch.  It means bringing out the strengths in a fabric, while minimizing any potential weakness.  Our designs perform well in bad conditions because we have years of experience putting gear into remote areas and rough weather.

Tent with Stove Jack Craftsmanship

We cut, sew, and manufacture our gear in-house in Grand Junction, Colorado.  We are incredibly fortunate to have extremely experienced and talented sewers.  Since we are able to control our production, we are free to focus on quality craftsmanship.  We are very good at sewing, and it shows when you look closely at our gear.

Winter Tent With Stove Jack Materials

We use the best materials on the market.  We select Cordura Ripstop silnylon, Dyneema Cuben Fiber, X-Pac, and other high end fabrics because of the noticeable difference they give in weight, performance, and durability.  To learn more about the materials we use and why, please read Tent Fabrics: A Comparison of Fabric Types.


We back our products with a limited lifetime warranty.  If it breaks and it's our fault, we'll fix it.  If it breaks and it's your fault, we'll fix it and charge you a very reasonable fee.  We are very proud of the reputation we've built for taking care of our customers.