Fearlessly Floorless Ground Sheet (Tyvek-like House Wrap)


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Fearlessly Floorless Ground Sheet (Tyvek-like House Wrap)


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    Use it, abuse it, tear it, repair it (with duct tape).  This simple, waterproof, and lightweight ground sheet is a simple solution to the common floorless tent concerns of muddy ground or dirt.

    A common complaint of other house wrap products is that they are very loud and very slippery on pine needles.  This product has a softer hand and a tackier feel, so it is quieter and less slippery.

    Average Weight - 8.1 oz

    Size - 36 in Wide X 94 in Long (3' X 7' 10")

    Pro Tips:

    1. Tape two together to make a couples groundsheet.  
    2. Wrap the corners with duct tape reinforcement and stick a shepherd stake through them to keep the sheet from moving on sloped ground. 
    3. Trim with scissors to whatever size desired to shave weight.