Courthouse Liner


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Courthouse Liner


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    **AS OF AUGUST 4, 2022- LINER FABRIC IS IN SHORT SUPPLY. WE EXPECT LINERS TO BEGIN SHIPPING MID SEPTEMBER. Orders containing Liners of any size will ship with other in stock items with the Liner shipping when available. **


    A full, one piece liner for the Courthouse wall tent. It covers the entire roof of the tent from the front down to the back window, It will provide a buffer to condensation, stop drips and help hold in some extra heat. Unlike all of our tipis, the Courthouse has only one door and so only one liner is required for this tent.

    Weight - 1.1 lb in stuffsack.

    This liner ties into the ridgeline of the tent near both pole pockets, and then attaches to loops located at each upper guy-out point.