Product Focus:  Seek Outside Brooks

Product Focus: Seek Outside Brooks

Posted by on 5th Apr 2018

Who needs the Brooks?

Hunters who want one backpack to do everything.

The Brooks covers all trips from dayhunt to multi-week backpack sheep hunt, or packrafters on long unsupported expeditions.

(See the Brooks product page on our website by clicking Seek Outside Brooks 7400)


The Brooks has four modes.

The Brooks features huge volume, but folds down into a 1250 ci daypack that disappears on your back.

Unlike some packs that *can* compress into a daypack mode the Brooks IS a daypack, IS a 3-7 day pack, and IS your expedition sized pack.

It truly excels at filling these different needs.


We dislike complex solutions to simple problems, and it shows in our pack designs.  Our gear is simple, fast, and easy to use.

The Brooks is no different.  Pack into your basecamp, drop your shelter, sleeping gear, and bear bag your food, compress your Brooks down into daypack mode, and you're gone hunting in minutes. 

Carrying bulky items or especially large optics is simple and secure with the sidepockets and winged design.


This capability comes at a 4.5 lb weight as shipped, and a stripped and usable weight of 3.95 lbs.

There is no other backpack with this feature set that is this lightweight.


The Brooks features our standard suspension, which has a hard-earned reputation for comfort under brutal loads.

Strong and stable under heavy loads, but light, nimble, and dynamic under light loads, our suspension holds up under whatever you may carry, and with a hipbelt that doesn’t slip.

Brooks Deep Dive

  • Minimum Weight - 3.95 lbs (dual cross stays removed, minimal compression, dual possibles pouches removed.)
  • Shipped Weight - 4.5 lbs
  • Volume - 7400 ci total, 5000 packbag, 1200 per side pocket
  • Full side zipper - runs from bottom through the top of the shroud, so you can fully open the bag to fit even the largest of quarters. Dual pulls on top and bottom allow access to the packbag without opening the rolltop.
  • Dual cross stays - give the pack structure, prevents hard objects from poking you in the back.
  • Internal load shelf - attachment points for a load shelf on the inside of the bag allow you to get heavy loads up and centered behind your shoulder blades, giving better balance and comfort when packing meat in rough country.
    • This load shelf is fast to use.  Unzip the packbag, load meat on the shelf, compress, and walk.  No fidgeting or fuss.
  • Large zippered side pockets - big enough for a spotter or tripod, or all of your day gear when going light.

Rifle & Bow Carry

With our Gatekeeper compression straps, it is simple to configure the Brooks to carry a rifle or a bow. Move straps where you need them.


The Brooks works well with a top lid or hipbelt pockets. A Lumbar Pad can improve fit if you have a curvy back or muscular build.

This pack *can* utilize a Mesh Talon, Base Talon, or Merlin, but we don’t recommend it. A Talon can compromise the ease of access to the side pockets, which is a major selling point for this packbag design.

To Sum it Up

The Brooks is a one pack quiver. Big or small, light or heavy, it will handle every task you put it to.

Unmatched weight, unmatched comfort, unmatched versatility. Yeah, we’re pretty proud of the Brooks.


Seek Outside Brooks 7400

Hipbelt Pockets

Backpack Top Lid

Lumbar Pad

Talon Compression Accessories