Lumbar Pad


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Lumbar Pad


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    A removable lumbar pad that increases the fit range of our backpacks.  Perfect for curvy backs, large shoulders, and muscular builds.  

    Our suspension has a reputation for comfort that has been earned through a lot of sweat.  We are extending that comfort to build types that have been challenges to fit in the past.  

    • Removable - does not change the hipbelt, only changes the fit and clearance of the hipbelt.
    • Helps folks with deep lumbars, curvy backs, large shoulders, or muscular builds get a superb fit.
    • Can be used with floating or captured belt.
    • Lumbar pad thickness is user changeable.


    Captured Belt Mode - by wrapping the pack suspension around the hipbelt and then installing the lumbar pad, the hipbelt feel is changed dramatically.  It operates more like a traditional backpack, but with a tighter and grippier feel.  This also effectively raises shoulder lift and frame height by 1-2".

    Weight - 2.5 oz

    Note: The lumbar pad will work on the following Seek Outside Packs in the following configurations

    • Floating - All packs.
    • Captured - All packs from July 2017 to present.
    • The lumbar is not compatible with Flight Packs

    Dimensions:  9" Wide x 6" High x 1.5" Deep