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Seek Outside Backpacks


No Limits - Built for the Backcountry

We did not set out to make the same backpack as everyone else. We set out on our own path, one which resolved our needs and desires and what we felt was lacking with other packs. We did not want to choose between the pack that was comfortable loaded light, or the big heavy pack that did an ok job at heavy loads ... we wanted BOTH and WE WANTED MORE.  We wanted the packs to not require a rain cover, which in our opinion was a bad idea, we wanted the backpack to be adaptable and we also wanted a day / summit pack that integrated in .. so if a trip included side peaks or canyons we didn't have to strap a daypack outside our main pack adding more weight .. and yet WE STILL WANTED MORE !!!  Adjustable frame height / CHECK ... Add on Lumbar Pad / CHECK .. and so it goes. Welcome to Seek Outside Backpacks. 

Below, you can learn what makes our packs tick. Understand, we are different and our lingo is different. Our approach is different. We are different on purpose because WE COULD NOT GET HERE DOING what everyone else has done before. But here is the thing, .. we might be the best carrying backpack you have ever had and our backpacks are BUILT FOR THE BACKCOUNTRY and our packs are really lightweight for what they can do, and rugged, and they do pretty well in the rain if you do your part. Since our products are BUILT FOR THE BACKCOUNTRY and not to just look pretty on the store shelf  they are different. They are different on purpose. 


  • One frame, multiple packbags.  Saves you money in the long run.
  • Waterproof X-Pac™ Backpack Fabric - no more rain covers.
  • Durable construction.  Use it, abuse it, pass it on to your kids.
  • Adjustable frame height fits many body types, and allows you to dial your pack for specific load weights.
  • Dynamic / Articulating frame that is agile and comfortable at light loads and supportive and sturdy at loads exceeding 100 lbs. 
  • Ultra Adjustable Belt, use floating or captured or add a lumbar pad to achieve perfect fit. 
  • Options for adaptable / integrated day packs 

Made in the U.S.A from the best materials we can source, domestic or globally.


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