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Cimarron - Stove Bundle

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  • Product Description

    Cimarron Pyramid Tent

    Bundle Includes: 

    • Cimarron Tent
    • Carbon Fiber Adjustable Pole 
    • Stove Jack Installed 
    • Medium Stove 6 ft of pipe 
    • 10 Aluminum stakes
    • A tube of silnet


    The Cimarron is an ultralight 4 person (without a stove) pyramid style tent with subtle angles that is comfortable for two when using a stove and compatible with either of our 2 person nests. 

    Dual entry, single vent, stove jack optional 

    The Cimarron makes very effective use of space. The footprint is such that it can still be used on many campground pads where space is often limited. The tent itself is closest to a slightly rectangular pyramid, and sets up almost exactly the same as a pyramid, but with less wasted space. Slight tipi styling reduces flat sidedness and maximizes space.  4 adults can sleep across without a stove, and two adults can sleep length wise very comfortably.  Dual side entrance design allows the tent to be used in many non conventional pitches when terrain, need or desires dictate. 

    Naming: The Cimarron mountains are a group of rugged peaks in southwestern Colorado, know for their terrific fall color, and exceptional trout fishing. The Cimarron river flows on the east side of the range into the Gunnison River which is famous for it's gold medal waters. Cimarron is also the Cheyenne word for "Wild" or "Wild One" and can also mean "Free Spirited". Where will your Cimarron take you?

    Requires 6 stakes, can use 8 or 10. Stakes included 


    For best results we recommend seam-sealing your tent, we include a tube of McNett Silnet with every tent and you can buy extra from us as well. You can do it at home or have us do it for you (adds 2-3 weeks):



    • Dual entrances with storm flap and dual pulls allow additional peak venting
    • Single Apex Vent 
    • Compatable with either 2 person nest 
    • Sod Skirt 


    Dimensions :

    • Height 68 - 72  inches 
    • Width 8' 6" (Max 9' 6 "ft center) 
    • Length 9'6" (11' 8" ft max center)
    • Canopy Weight 38 ounces, total weight of package is 98 oz. 
    • Sq FT ~94


    Stove Recommendations:

    • All stoves will work fine. A medium will be fine for basic heat. 
    • Stove pipe: 6 ft - 6.5 ft 


    Does the Cimarron have interior hang loops for drying ? 

    At the Apex there are some loops, however the method we prefer is a prusik knot on the pole for both drying heavy gear and attaching a nest. The prusik on a pole method provides better shelter canopy integrity

    Why doesn't the Cimarron have corner guy outs ? 

    The Cimarron is not a normal pyramid / mid shelter like others have produced before. It has slight shaping and a different seam construction that provides better seam integrity and less stretch at the corners. We do put guy outs where they make sense and provide a usability and performance benefit. In our testing, and due to the way the Cimarron is designed we feel corner guy out locations are a detriment not a benefit. 


    Pole recommendations: 

    The least expensive and lightest is a pole extender for a trekking pole, however the trekking pole needs to be a standard use trekking pole with a max height of at least 52 inches. An REI aluminum tarp pole is inexpensive and effective, but the pointed end must be used in the ground side.  Our Cimarron carbon pole with aluminum adjuster is the lightest dedicated pole option we offer and very robust. 


    Nest Recommendations: 

    Our new dedicated Cimarron nest fits well in half the tent, leaving room for a stove. 


    Fabric Details: 

    Ultralight silicone impregnated 30 Denier Cordura fabric with a Hydrostatic head rating of 3000 MM. Strong and Light this is a high performance fabric.  


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    1. WOW

      I cannot believe how lightweight and durable this bundle is. The medium stove that comes with this is the perfect size to heat this tent up.
      Justin- Montana Precision Rifles
      on 18th May 2017

    2. Seriously impressed

      Am seriously impressed. I live in the Highlands of Scotland and have been looking for a hiking friendly winter camping set up. Until now there have been only two choices; a tent and gas stove or a tarp shelter and campfire.

      This seems to be the perfect solution in that its fully enclosed from the elements but can be safely kept warm all night. Was also pleased to discover that the medium titanium stove is a lot more efficient and less hungry than a campfire.

      This significantly reduces wood foraging and processing time, especially in the darker months which is a bonus at the end of a long hike.

      Easy to put up, quick to dry, roomy and very light even with the stove.

      I wont be using the supplied pegs again though. They seem a bit delicate for hard use and require a baton or mallet to drive in. One very small issue with an otherwise very good piece of kit
      on 24th Oct 2016

    3. Very good, but a couple issues.

      I have had about 6 nights in this so far. It is a pretty high quality product. It has good craftsmanship and is quite portable. It's a bit smaller than a tent of the same size. I was surprised how much fabric is stuffed into a football sized bag.

      So the good:

      It's large. Even with a SXL stove, I could probably fit 3 in here with wood and light gear. 2 would be more comfortable, but there is definitely room.
      The first night I slept in it was during heavy rain. I didn't seam seal it (although it came with seam sealer) and it didn't leak a drop. I was on a slight slope and was afraid water would pour in from the sides, but it wasn't an issue.
      The stove is pretty solid. It's big enough that I don't have to use a saw or ax to cut wood most dead wood. Every time I've stoked it at night, it's had hot coals to restart a fire in the morning.
      It is portable. I generally pack pretty heavily with a solar panel, groundcloth, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, camping chair, cook stuff and a 100oz camelbak, but this is portable enough that I can still fit it into my 45L bag.
      Very nice pole. Carbon fiber... weighs nothing and the 4.5 pieces slide into each other making it a 2 piece to carry around. So light and compact.. oh and like 3/4" thick, so rugged.

      The not-so-good:
      Lots of floor space, but not very might height. I have a helinox camp chair (which sits very low to the ground) but my head is always bumping into the walls. It's more comfortable to sit on my bedroll than to sit in a chair in there. It's not bad with one of the door flaps open, but I can imagine that when the temperature is very cold, it will not be as much of an option.
      Not much ventilation. There is a vent at the top, but it doesn't seem to do anything. When cooking on the stove, it gets very very smokey inside... To the point of suffocation. It clears out in seconds with the flaps open, but that also releases all the heat. I haven't had to deal with much condensation, but I imagine it will become more of a problem as the temperature lowers.
      Chimney pipe. This sucker is really really hard to get in to place the first time. It tries to roll back into it's compact length when trying to roll it into a pipe the first time. It got a ton of kinks because it wanted to roll against me. Probably took an hour to assemble the first time. It's incredibly simple to roll now, as it has formed to the shape of the pipe, and it is easy to roll back up for portability too, but the pipe is all kinds of kinky now. The little dents I put in it from it's original unrolling are still there and make it look pretty ghetto. Works great, looks like something from a post-apocalyptic survival flick.
      Price: It is one of the cheapest on the market for a product like this, but it's still a really big chunk of change. I'd say it's worth it, but still... OUCH.

      This is a cool piece of kit. I will definitely use it for many years to come. I usually do solo camping trips and this will make winter camping much more enjoyable. The biggest thing for me is the height. It will be hard to hang out in there with comfort. Very comfortable to sleep in, but less so for longer periods, like to weather a storm or warm up with friends.
      on 8th Sep 2016

    4. Good to go

      Well 1st of all the time it took to get to me was lighting fast. There was a bit of a Delay because of a back order but that was expected. I was missing a few bolts for the stove gave them a call and boom she already knew who I was when she answered the phone. Boom part was at my door NEXT DAY! She probably got tired of talking to me because I had to ask her to add something on my address to ensure delivery. Boom no problem! So service is top of the line.

      Now the product. The tipi is extremely well built and the carbon fiber pole and stakes are IT. The stove I'm telling ya Burns H.O.T. hot easy Peasy lemon squeezy to put together and break down stovepipe was a bit weird but once I figured it out (The oh duh moment) went together smooth. All packs away in my backpack like nothing. I'm sure people will look at you like "YEAH RIGHT" then you'll whip it out set it up stove and all then the jealousy will kick in as well as your grin as they walk back to WHATEVER and you zip down the flap toss a few logs on the fire and say SEE YA! the tipi can easily hold 4 people who can store gear on the outside or Dad and 2 kids with gear or You and your Babe with gear and the Dog(s)

      My only regret is I didn't go BIGGER other than that these folks know what the ~e°l they are doing. I'll be back for the Bigger one next year trust me
      on 11th May 2016

    5. Stove as described!

      My new stove is exactly what I was looking for! Lightweight and extremely packable! I am looking forward to using it this fall during the elk season on back country hunts! on 11th May 2016

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    Cimarron Setup

    Cimarron tent setup overview.
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