Cimarron / Redcliff Half Nest

4 to 6 weeks
LT-Cimarron / Redcliff Half Nest:
4 to 6 weeks

Cimarron Half nest which works as a 1/3 nest for the Redcliff. A comfortable two person nest for full sized adults. Suitable for a couple with infant or toddler as well. Short enough that it can be pitched with most trekking poles if you want to pitch the nest by itself in fair weather or under a tarp. This nest provides full protection from ground moisture, bugs and critters. Can provide some 3 season moisture protection when used with a shelter, and will hold in a little more heat.Has netting on all 4 sides, sloping towards the pole which would set outside the nest in front of the door. Has a bathtub floor with 2" sidewalls, corners will require sealing for full waterproof protection; SilNet can be purchased here.

 One nest works well in a Cimarron and leaves the other half the tent open for gear or a stove. Two nests fit well in a Redcliff, providing comfortable fully enclosed sleeping for 4, however due to cordage attachment, one side can interfere with stove pipe / port, therefore for the Redcliff we recommended one nest when using a stove. Two nests will fit in the Cimarron but there would not be enough space between them to enter the nests and we do not recommend this.


  • Width 55" 
  • Length 99" 
  • Height 52"

Fabrics and construction:

  • As of Aug 2020,the floor is made from 30 denier silnylon with a bit of PU mixed into the coating.
  • The sides are No Seeum mesh which provides excellent breathability and moderate moisture resistance.
  • Zipper YKK 5 full open front 
  • includes 4 line loc corners 

Weight: 26.5 oz with stuff sack 

For more information on our nests, please read our article Nest Comparison  & Overview.

For an easy way to install your nest and potentially raise your shelter canopy for more ventilation, see our Shelter Gatekeeper Straps.

This nest allows for stove use.


  • Cimarron
  • Redcliff
  • 6 through 24 Person Tipis
  • Courthouse

Does Not Fit:

  • Silvertip
  • LBO
  • 4 Person Tipi

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