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Mountain Mat

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Mountain Mat

The Mountain Mat is classic Seek Outside - well built, incredibly useful, and a great value. 

This pad serves so many purposes - sit pad, ground pad, air pad supplement and protection, or you can use it in a hammock, cut it up to custom sizes, or use folded as a primary sleeping pad.

Made from a high quality EVA foam, the pad measures roughly 40" x 81" by 1/8" thick.

Best Uses:

  • Spread out fully -  ground pad, R value supplement for air pad, puncture protection for an air pad.  The EVA is waterproof, so it'll protect your sleeping gear from muddy ground.
  • Folded over lengthwise the pad makes a 20" x 81" x 1/4" thick foam sleeping pad.
  • Fold over lengthwise, then fold over again and you have a 20" by 40" x 1/2" thick foam sleeping pad that is 2/3 length for most UL campers.

Rolls up to 20" wide by 6.5" diameter.  

Average weight is 8-9 oz. 

Ships with two gatekeeper straps.

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