Zipper Repair Kit by Gear Aid


Zippers are usually the first thing to wear out on a tent, this repair kit can get you back up and running if you encounter a problem in the field.

It includes two #5 zipper pulls (for our nests and screen doors) a #8 zipper pull (for most of our tents) and a #10 zipper pull (for our larger tents).

Also includes a seam ripper, two needles, thread and zipper stops.


On most of our tents, all you would need to do is remove the stitching at the bottom end of the zipper, remove the damaged pull, install the new pull and either sew the bottom of the zipper back into the seam, or simply install a zipper stop for a temporary fix. Once you are back in civilization you can decide whether to send the tent back to us for a more permanent repair.

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