Silky Pocketboy Curve 130mm Folding Saw


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Silky Pocketboy Curve 130mm Folding Saw


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    The PocketBoy Curve is a curved version of the popular PocketBoy 130 mm folding saw designed for 15-20% faster cutting than straight blade versions. Super lightweight and durable, the PocketBoy has Silky's famous Mirai-Me Technology for a smooth surface after cutting in any direction. -Silky


    Blade Length5 in (130 mm)

    Teeth per (inch): 6.8 

    Teeth per 30 mm: 8

    Weight: 0.4 lbs. (0.5 lbs. with carrying case)

    • Impulse hardened blade stay sharp three times longer than non-hardened teeth
    • Curved blade cuts 15% to 20% faster than straight blade versions
    • Mirai-Me Technology has 4 cutting angles for smooth cuts - including rip-cuts, cross-cuts, and slant cuts
    • Hard chrome plating produces a highly durable surface and is resistant to rust and resin
    • Carrying case with belt clip included (with the full saw)
    • Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship
      5 inches