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Group Backpacking
Lightweight Backpacking
4-6 lbs
Occupancy With Stove:
Nest or Liner Available:
Half Nest
Nest or Liner Available:
Half Liner
3 weeks
LT-Redcliff - Brown, No Door Screens:
3 weeks
LT-Redcliff - Brown, With Door Screens:
3 weeks
LT-Redcliff - Olive Green, No Door Screens:
3 weeks
LT-Redcliff - Olive Green, With Door Screens:
3 weeks
LT-Carbon Fiber Pole:
3 weeks
LT-Factory Seam Sealing:
1 week

The Redclif is a pyramid / tipi hybrid suitable for sleeping 3 - 6 adults. Capable of using a nest on each end or liners, the Redcliff easily adapts to every season. With its rectangular footprint the Redcliff pitches faster than a tipi and its angular panels shed weather better than a plain pyramid.  A steep, symmetrical profile and integrated sod skirts further enhance weather resistance.  The Redcliff is equally at home as a base camping shelter while hunting, or a ultralight backpacking shelter when shared by a larger group.

Handmade in Grand Junction, CO.


  • Ultra HD Tent Fabric
  • Sod Skirt
  • SO Stake Loops
  • Dual Zippered Doors With Rain Flaps
  • Stove Jack With Rain Flap
  • Peak Vent
  • Hang Loops
  • Six Guyout Points


  • Weight:
    • Canopy - 55 oz / 3 lb 7 oz
    • Complete weight - canopy, stakes, carbon pole - 78 oz / 4 lb 14 oz
    • Dual screens add 8 oz
  • Dimensions:
    • Height 6' 10″
    • 102" by 156" footprint (corner to corner), 130" by 178" center to center
    • 132 sq ft


  • Sleeps 6 without stove
  • Sleeps 3 with stove
  • Sleeps 2-3 ultralight short cots with a stove
  • Need one size smaller?  See the 4 Person Tipi
  • Need one size bigger?  See the 8 Person Tipi
  • Similar size in a tipi shape?  See the 6 Person Tipi


  • Shelter canopy
  • Stove jack with rain flap
  • Carbon Pole - 5 sections 
  • 12 stakes
  • Enough seam sealer to seal the shelter (If you pay us to seal it it will not come with sealer)


The Redcliff is a rectangle based structure and is therefore easy to pitch.

  • Pick your sleeping area and desired door location - this dictates how you pitch the shelter.
  • Stake the four corners in a rectangle, making sure the angles are as square and true as possible.  Do not overstretch the fabric or you will result in a bell shape at the bottom that reduces interior space.
  • Make sure vent is open or closed, stovejack is open or closed, as desired. (Harder to reach once pole is up)
  • Insert the pole and raise the shelter.
  • Stake out the doors.
  • Stake out the seams near the doors.
  • Use the guylines on each end to stabilize and increase interior space.


For best results we recommend seam-sealing your tent.  You can do it at home or have us do it for you (adds 2-3 weeks)(if we seal the shelter it will be shipped without extra tubes of sealant):

Seam Sealing Service

  • The Redcliff includes enough seam sealer to seal the entire tipi.  
  • Pitch the shelter normally and seal the outside seams.
  • The easy way to seal is to run a thin bead of sealant along the seam, then press it in with a finger, wiping the excess on a paper towel.
  • Alternatively, you can use an acid brush from a hardware store to spread the sealant.




The most common questions we get about hot tents are:

  • How do you not burn the tent down?  
    • The stove jack is a high temp fiberglass material rated to several thousand degrees.  The tent material never touches the hot pipe.  You can get pinholes from floating embers, but a small dab of silicone seals the pinhole and doesn't hurt the shelter.
  • How does a floorless shelter work in wet weather?
    • Really darn well.  Don't pitch in a depression obviously, but the ground inside dries out quickly, and it's super convenient to just walk in with muddy shoes (or dogs) and not worry about getting your floor dirty.
  • What about condensation?
  • What about carbon monoxide?
    • It's truly not a concern.  We include a peak vent, plus the shelter will draw air through the zipper and under the sod skirt.  If you're still concerned, leave a door unzipped 8" or so at the bottom to allow more venting.

Redcliff 360 VR


Redcliff Standing and Sitting 360 VR

Sketchup Animation

Redcliff 360 Look Around



Defects in manufacturing and material for the practical lifetime of the product. Damage due to wear and tear or misuse will be repaired for a reasonable charge.

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  • 5
    Exceeded Expectations

    Posted by Brian on 4th Jan 2019

    After an initial family (4) camp trial I quickly saw that this would be the perfect tent for my Kodiak Island goat hunt. This hunt had the potential of a several mile pack in and most likely severe weather. Thankfully we were able to camp near the drop off but it was above timberline. We had the typical down poor of rain and sustained winds in excess of 40mph. We used 25lb rocks to hold the stakes in the ground and even those sometimes were pulled out. This went on for 8 days (4 more than expected because the plane couldn't get to us until a weather brake). The tent performed perfectly with only one small tear because of a sharp rock rolling onto the edge. The Redcliff is huge considering it's weight and kept all our gear from being exposed to the torrential rain. There was considerable condensation without a liner, as expected, but managable. After 5+ mile and 2,000ft elevation days the Redcliff provided the shelter needed for a good night sleep. Now that I see how well this performed and the quality I'm definitely staying with SO products. My next tent will probably be the LBO to give me a solo shelter and some versitility.

  • 5
    Amazing setup

    Posted by Brooks Horan on 15th Oct 2018

    I could not be happier with this tent. This is an outstanding light setup that uses space to the utmost. We had 4 people, a lot of gear including the wood stove and we had plenty of space. I am really impressed with the straightforward and quick setup. A great choice for anyone looking to house 4-5 with gear!

  • 5

    Posted by Jason on 19th Jun 2018

    I purchased this tent for use with our growing family. 3 kids, 2 small dogs, and my wife and I all fit well on a high country CO fishing trip last week. Love this new tent. The netting will be welcome come bug season!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Feb 2018

    Just got the new Redcliff seam sealed and waiting to put it in use and field test. Quality materials and craftsmanship throughout this shelter!

  • 5
    Warm and roomy

    Posted by Blake on 20th Dec 2017

    This tent has plenty of room for two full size cots and a stove. Could sleep 4 with the stove easily on sleeping pads. Customer’s Service is great and helped me come to my decision on which shelter for my needs. Very happy with this tent!

  • 5
    Roomy for 3 men, gear and stove

    Posted by Mike on 10th Nov 2017

    This was the perfect tent for 3 of us. One took the stove, one the canopy, and one the poles and stakes. Nobody complained ablut the weight, and everyone loved that stove when the temp dropped into the teens. We had our gear, wood and selves in tge tent and we had room to spare.

    Tent shed wind and rain like a champ. We had condensation in the morning, but getting the stove going dried it out fairly quickly. Not really a big concern, but be aware if you are in a down bag with no water resistance.

    All in all its a great size, a great weight, a great product.

  • 5
    Great tent

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Oct 2017

    The redcliff was exactly what I wanted. I was able to fit two full size cots and plenty of gear. It was a bit tight, with all of that equipment, but very efficient for what I needed. Weather temps were in the teens when I camped but I was very toasty inside the redcliff with the stove burning wood. I bought this tent to be able to use easily for car camping or backpacking and it fits both needs as advertised.

  • 4
    Red Cliff + Nest + Wood Stove

    Posted by Richard and Kerry Anderson on 1st Sep 2017

    Just purchased all three for 2017 Archery Elk season, have not actually used yet but I have set up in the yard to seal the tent and burn in the stove. Very impressed with the quality of all the items cant wait to get out and put them to good use. Very good response time to shipping also
    If any improvement could be made I would suggest send basic instruction on the stove as I have seen it put together many different ways on the internet sites , the flat threaded buttons on the top of the stove or used for feet, the main pipe inside the damper pipe or outside ?
    Also supply enough of the cord for the nest it cant cost that much. Mine came with not enough cords and the bottom ones were to short. I live in a small town and had a hard time finding the proper size cordage for the slide tighteners.

  • 5

    Posted by Matt on 29th Aug 2017

    Easy to set up, easy to take down, lightweight, durable, high quality craftsmanship. Cons- none yet!