Seek Outside Hipbelts S-XL


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  • Product Description

    Seek Outside Full Wrap , self articulating hip belt,  avaiable in small , medium,  large and XL.  Includes PALS grid and forward pull mechanical advantage for perfect tension


    Padded portion measurements

    Small  26.5"
    Medium  29.5"
    Large  32"
    XL  36"
    Add approximately 18" webbing length to the padded portion length to figure total length.
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    1. Dual buckle update

      I had to upgrade from my previous medium-sized belt to large. I got the new belt with the dual buckle design, so could compare both designs. Even though the previous design was already very good, I do like the new one better. It is slightly thinner, which improves fit in my case - I used to get some bunched up mesh fabric in the previous, thicker belt. I find the dual adjustability to be a big improvement, as I get a much better fit, need less tension, and therefore no pressure points on long hikes. I don't miss the forward pull - probably because I never had it in other bags. For the loads I carry (up to 50lbs), I never had issues to get enough tension with the new belt. For me, this is the best belt I ever had on a medium to large volume backpack. on 3rd Aug 2017

    2. Hip belt Design Change

      I fortunately was able to receive one of the last hip belts designed around the previous forward pull system. Personally this is superior to the new system. When carrying a heavy load it just seems so much easier to get the load up over your hips then pull forward to tighten rather than in an awkward backward motion. I guess we'll see how well this new design is received. Also the extra large hip belt has an extra molle row ( 5 total) that helps in attaching gear. 3 rows for the pouch and 2 rows for water bottle carrier. It would also help if upper edges of the belt was attached somehow to the frame to help hold its position when not on your back. When loaded with with a water bottle and a couple of pouches the weight sages the belt down and under the pack making it more difficult to take on and off. Not a huge deal but a couple of secondary straps could make difference in the process of taking a heavy pack on and off. on 30th Jun 2017

    3. First non-lumbar belt

      This is the first pack belt I have owned without a huge lumbar pad. I am surprised how well it works. My only issue is with how it is sewn. I really wish it was sewn so it was precurved to the body a bit.Only for the fact when it wraps around you, there is a lot of bunched up material. Wearing it in the cold weather I can live with it as I am layered up. But it is enough that it is noticeable. However, in the warm weather with a thin shirt and hiking pants/shorts. I definately see this as an comfortable/annoying fit. on 7th Jan 2017

  • Warranty Information

    Lifetime materials and craftsmanship, wear and tear excluded