Gatekeeper Set (3/4" size, set of 6)


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Gatekeeper Set (3/4" size, set of 6)


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    Gatekeepers are ultralight, strong, and incredibly versatile.  Gatekeepers offer a longer tension span than side release buckles, allowing you to compress your Talon further and shrink a packbag more.  Their locking gate keeps them in place, an improvement over Bachelor Buckles.  These improvements are stout enough that we are replacing much of our backpack hardware with Gatekeepers.

    This set of 6 (12 total pieces - 6 Left and 6 Right) can be used to retrofit an entire Talon compression system on older backpacks using Bachelor Buckles or Side Release Buckles.  

    In the case of SR buckles, simply remove the sewn in half of the buckle with side cut pliers, leaving the webbing loop intact.  Attach the Gatekeeper to that webbing loop and close the gate to lock it down. 

    Gatekeepers are an upgrade in survivability, being user and field replaceable.  Carry an extra, or scavenge one from your gear and relocate it where you need it.

    NOTE:  Gatekeepers are strong.  The only way you're likely to break one in normal use is to overtighten it without first closing the gate.  Don't forget to close the gate!

    Weight is 3.1 grams per piece.

    Fits 3/4" webbing.