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  • Cimarron Lightweight Pyramid Tent
    Cimarron $369.00 Choose Options Choose Options
    The Cimarron is the classic pyramid shelter reimagined, strengthened, and redefined.  Carefully built from top quality, resilient 30 Denier Cordura Nylon, the Cimarron is the one shelter for all your human powered...
  • Cimarron shelter in Redwood Brown
    Cimarron - Stove Bundle $799.00 Choose Options Choose Options
    The Cimarron is an ultralight 4 person (without a stove) pyramid style tent with subtle angles that is comfortable for two when using a stove and compatible with either of our 2 person nests.  The Cimarron makes very...
  • LBO Nest (2 Person)
    LBO Nest (2 Person) $159.00 Add To Cart
    A lightweight two person nest that provides full protection from ground moisture, bugs and critters. Can provide some 3 season moisture protection when used with a shelter, and will hold in a little more heat. Has...
  • Cimarron / Redcliff Nest in Redcliff
    Cimarron / Redcliff Half Nest $179.00 Add To Cart
    Cimarron Half nest which works as a 1/3 nest for the Redcliff. A comfortable two person nest for full sized adults. Suitable for a couple with infant or toddler as well. Short enough that it can be pitched with most...
  • Cimarron Full Nest
    Cimarron Full Nest $215.00 Add To Cart
    This full nest offers complete protection from crawling or flying insects, as well as condensation.  It will also add a bit of warmth in winter.   The nest can be left attached to the tent canopy and pitched with...
  • Carbon Cimarron Pole
    Carbon Cimarron Pole $92.00 Add To Cart
    5 section adjustable carbon pole (5 carbon sections)  Weight 10.4 Oz  Adjustment range 64 inches to 72 inches   
  • LineLoc2 Extension Kit (Set of 10)
    LineLoc2 Extension Kit (Set of 10) $7.50 Add To Cart
    LineLoc3 Extension Kit: Set of 10 Perfect for raising the sides of your tipi or mid a bit to add extra venting or room. Can also be used in poor soil where finding stake locations can be challenging...
  • Tent Accessory Kit Bundle (Glowire, Titanium Stakes, Silnet, Tenacious Tape)
    Tent Accessory Kit Bundle (Glowire, Titanium Stakes, Silnet, Tenacious Tape) $34.99 Add To Cart
    This is an accesory kit bundle and Includes the following  Atwood 3/32 Glowire 50 ft (great for guy out lines) 5 Dutchware Burley Titanium Tent Stakes (great for guy outs)  Tenacious Tape by Gear Aid (Great...
  • Trekking Pole Hitch
    Trekking Pole Hitch $9.95 Add To Cart
    Connect two trekking poles together for use as a center pole in a small shelter or a tarp. This device works with adjusting or non-adjusting poles, and makes a sturdier pole than other methods. Weight: 1.2...