Carnivore - (Boned Out Game Bags for Elk Sized Game)


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Carnivore - (Boned Out Game Bags for Elk Sized Game)


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    THE CARNIVORE For Elk and Sheep Sized Game

    The Carnivore game bag set will house a mature boned-out bull elk. Great Package System for the sheep hunter.

    For Bull Elk or Like Sized Game - This product was designed for that hardcore hunter when going lightweight means the difference in success. The five game bags are designed with the same material (custom nylon fabric), the same reflective attachments, cord lock, durability. This game bag set includes silk screened logo.

    The Carnivore has been a popular request from many of you, our valued customers/hunters and now here it is! 

    Designed and sized for Boned-Out Game Meat of a full size mature bull elk.

     Package Contains:                      Item #1592  

    • 5 - 16" Wide x 30" Tall, logoed Game Meat Bags

    • 1 - Nylon Logoed Storage Bag

    • Field Tips and Instructions

    • Weight & Dimensions: 4" Tall x 6.5" Wide  

    • Package Weight 14 oz. (Game Bags)

    Note: Game Bag Package System With NO LOGOS - The Caribou, Wapiti, Muley, All Magnum Packs and Single Quarter Bags. 
    Our game bags with logos such as the Carnivore have a small logo placed in the upper most portion of the bags so as not to interfere with the breathability of the game meat.