BCS 2 Instructions

The BCS 2 (discontinued / replaced with Redcliff) is a modular Pyramid / Tipi Hybrid that could be used in two configurations. The two configurations were Standard and Grande. This will explain these configurations. Throughout this, we will be using the term reasonable tension. This means tight, but not stretched. If you stretch it and let go , it will snap back to "reasonable tension" 

Standard Configuration: 

Overview: Setup is very similar to LBO and 3 Part Vestibule (Video Below): 


Setup Instructions: 

Overview: Make a triangle between the two rear corner stakeouts and center of the vestibule stake out (using a setback). Insert pole, to taughtness on the 3 stake out points. Finsh staking out, and optional guy out. The BCS2 sets up much better on flatter terrain. 

Step 1: Stake out two rear corner stakes. Don't overstretch betweeen the corner rear stake out points, but have it reasonably taught. 

Step 2: Find the center stake loop of the vestibule. Pull this to make a triangle with the two rear corner stakes. The keeps it balanced. Once again tighten to taught, but not stretched out. Use a setback of 8 inches (a little more than a tent stake length), and set a tent stake. 

Step 3: Insert pole to a height of 6'10" approx. Note this may vary based on terrain. Make sure all 3 corners have similar tension. 

Step 4: Finish setting the rest of the stake out points. Start with with vesibule, and work around to rear center. 

Step 5: Guy out sides of the shelter. 

Lil Bug Out Video for reference: 


Grande Version: 

Overview: Setup is similar to a big Pyramid tent. 

Step 1: Stake the four corners to reasonable tension but not stretched.  

Step 2: Insert center pole to roughly 6'10" - 7'1" height 

Step 3: Stake out door panels / sides and center rear 

Step 4: Guy out as desired