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Seek Outside is a family owned business. We are passionate about the outdoors. We view Seek Outside employees and customers as family, and like family we want to help everyone achieve their goals.
Seek Outside exists to improve the all season backcountry experience.

We improve the all season backcountry expereince by producing rugged, lightweight, high performance products that shine when the conditions are the worst.
Customers are our partners and their success is vital to us. Our direct connection to the customer provides the best service possible. Think big, we have you covered.
To produce performane built, lightweight, all season backcountry performance products using the best materials available. — Made in Colorado, USA

We proudly support big adventures and wild places and the groups that mentor, teach, and help protect these wild places.
We have a vested interest in the long term success of our team mates. Made in western Colorado, we provide a fun culture and good living wage.

Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips

Winter camping and hot tenting can be an incredible time to be out. Some of the benefits of winter snow camping are that it's far easier to find solitude and you have far more travel and packing options. However, the cold can pose challenges and the risk is higher.  Outside of the obvious tips like a warm sleeping bag and pad, here are some other helpful tips to help you have a better winter … read more

by Kevin

Tipi Seam Sealing Step by Step Guide

Sealing one of our tipis or backpacking tents can be done quickly, effectively, and with little mess.Our seams are flat felled, meaning the fabric is folded over itself in a particular way before bein… read more

X-Pac Backpack Fabric

X-Pac™ fabric originates from the sailcloth industry, the same industry that developed Cuben and Spinnaker, among others. The need for huge yardages of ultralight, ultrastrong, waterproof fabric… read more

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