16 Person Liner Half

16 Person Liner Half:
2 weeks

16 person tipi half liner.

Made from white 20d uncoated ripstop nylon with a Durable Water Repellent finish.

2 liner halves will provide full coverage, except for the screen door sections

Does not include stuff sack, use overly large tent bag.

This liner can be removed to save weight or left in all year

Liner weight is 23.5 ounces per half.


The top of the liner has toggles that insert through hang loops on the interior of the shelter.  The bottom of the liner has linelocs that accept cordage that is tied to the stake loops.

To Install:

  • Start at the door and install the top edge toggle of the liner through the hang loop of the shelter. 
  • Work from that seam to the opposite door, installing the toggles as you go.
  • Tie the cords to the stake loops, then run the free end of the cord through the corresponding linelocs on the liner.  (A larkshead loop in the cord and then looped around the stake loop works well.)
  • Tension the liner by tightening the cord in the linelocs.


  • If you are staking with the outer stake loops, tie the cord to those loops and not the interior.  This gives you more span to tension the liner.
  • The liner can sag a bit when wet.  Adjusting the pole higher or adjusting the linelocs tighter alleviates this.  Running the stove to dry out the interior does as well.
  • The liner runs from door zipper to door zipper, but does not cover the area under the zipper.
  • If you leave the liner in your shelter, loosen the cords in the linelocs at the bottom before taking the shelter down.  This will make it easier to pitch when you put it back up.

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