Unaweep 4800 Backpack - Olive Green

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Backpack Platform:
Backpack Hunting
Backpack Size:
3-5 Days
Backpack Size:
5-10 Days
Backpack Weight:
3-4 lbs
Talon Optimal
Water Carry:
Water Bottles
Water Resistance:
3 weeks
LT-Backpack Shoulder Harness - Tan:
3 weeks
LT-Small Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 27" - 31":
3 weeks
LT-Medium Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 29" - 34":
3 weeks
LT-Large Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 33" - 38":
3 weeks
LT-XL Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 36" - 42":
3 weeks
LT-XXL Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 42" - 48":
3 weeks
LT-Backpack Top Lid - Olive Green:
3 weeks
LT-Hipbelt Pocket - Olive Green:
3 weeks
LT-Lumbar Pad:
3 weeks
LT-2 inch Frame Extension Set:
3 weeks
LT-4 inch Frame Extension Set:
3 weeks
LT-Both 2 and 4 inch Frame Extensions - 2 Sets:
3 weeks
LT-Base Talon - Olive Green:
3 weeks
LT-Base Talon - Blaze Orange:
3 weeks
LT-Mesh Talon:
3 weeks
LT-Merlin - Daypack Talon:
3 weeks
LT-BHA Merlin - Daypack Talon:
3 weeks

Lightweight Backpacks / Integrated Platform / Unaweep

Versatility is the Unaweep's strength.  Big enough for nearly anything, yet compressing down to nothing, and able to carry whatever you can.....the Unaweep is an ultralight backpack that can tackle whatever adventure you put your hand to.

No other ultralight backpack offers the size, compression, comfort under load, weather resistance, and adaptability of the Unaweep.

Whatever your passion may be - backpacking, winter trips, packrafting, backpack hunting, long unsupported traverses, or all of the above, the Unaweep is the only backpack you need in your quiver.

 Handmade in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.

 Unaweep Features:

  • Integrated Platform
  • Field Adjustable Frame Height
  • Rapid Adaptable Compression System (RACS)
  • Dynamic Belt System
  • X-Pac™ Fabric
  • Waterproof rolltop closure.
  • Dual side bottle pockets with shock cord closure; loosen, access and re-cinch with one hand on the go.  (Shock cord is user replaceable for long service life.)
  • Three horizontal compression straps.
  • One over-the-top "V" compression strap.
  • Two lower load shelf compression straps.
  • Infinite adjust harness custom fits any torso length.
  • Now based on a 24" frame, you can add frame extensions to your Unaweep for heavy loads or long torsos.
  • Note - Ice Axe Loops have been replaced by a web loop and extra gatekeeper straps.  This is a more adaptable system.


  • Alpine Grey, 3lbs 5 oz,
  • Expedition Olive 3 lbs 10 oz
  • (weights include Base Talon and all compression straps)


  • Top Circumference - 43"  |  109 cm
  • Bottom Circumference - 42"  |  107 cm
  • Unrolled Height - 38"  |  97 cm


  • Talon of your choice
  • Six side compression straps
  • One over the top compression strap
  • Two bottom compression straps
  • Field Repair Kit
  • Two one inch belt buckles
  • A 4 to 1 single belt buckle is available upon request


  • Adjustable frame, Can be used at 24"-  28" height. Optimized for 26 inch height - Which Frame Height is Right for Me?
  • Three hip belt sizes, fits 29 to 42 inch waists
  • Shoulder harness easily adjusts to fit 15" - 22" torsos.

 Rain Cover / Seam Sealing: 

  • For instructions, check out our video Seam Sealing a Backpack.
  • Main pack bag is made of X-Pac™ waterproof material and features a waterproof rolltop closure.  Seam sealing the outside seams is recommended for exceptionally wet environments.  
  • Waterproof stuff sacks are recommended for exceptionally rainy conditions, and drybags for submersion or severely wet conditions such as bushwacking or canyoneering.  
  • Side pockets are 500D Cordura and are not waterproof.


Backpack Accessories:

Bear cans:

  • All bear cans will fit horizontally at any location in the 4800.  Go nuts.


  • Suspension is 500D Cordura and some spacer mesh. Hypalon and 500D Cordura reinforcements
  • Alpine Grey (X21 RC) is a 210 denier plain weave face fabric with a 200 psi PET laminate
  • Expedition Olive (X42) is a 420 denier plain weave with a 200 psi PET laminate
  • Alpine Grey is best for on-trail, lighter duty users and those for whom weight is a priority




Defects in manufacturing and material for the practical lifetime of the product. Damage due to wear and tear or misuse will be repaired for a reasonable charge.

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  • 5
    The best of both worlds

    Posted by Matt on 6th Jun 2018

    I love it! Unlike other lightweight packs, this one can support a lot of weight when you want it to. The floating hip belt transfers weight so much more efficiently than most packs - the whole pack doesn't feel like its rocking back and forth with every twist and turn - it moves with your body and feels tight, even with heavy loads. If you don't have a heavy or bulky load, the pack compresses, nice and tight, compact, and small. After getting a lot of use the past few weeks, I do wish I'd added a top lid (AKA 'brain') for extra organization of the small stuff. So I'll get one now!

  • 5
    Lightweight but Strong

    Posted by Dylan on 21st Jun 2017

    Bought his pack just to try it out and see if I could shave 4 lbs off just the weight of my pack but still be able to haul out 100+ lbs from the backcountry. I was worried when I picked the pack up because it was so light. I thought no way it could handle 100+ lbs. it took me about 20 minutes with 30lbs of eight in the pack to get it fitted properly. Once I felt the pack fit perfectly I loaded her up with 100lbs. After about 30 min of walking I couldn't believe how my shoulders and hips felt. No redness, no sore spots, no heat, just a heavy damn pack. After two hours of walking I took the pack off and felt great! The amount of adjustments this pack has on the suspension is remarkable. Truly a custom fit.

    Last week I contacted Seek Outsode to get some webbing and buckles for a few projects I want to do on the pack. They created my kit, charged me next to nothing and shipped it same day. The ordering process was flawless and the responded to all my emails within hours. Customer service was amazing. They have made a loyal customer out of me. Thanks for everything Seek Outside! Looking forward to sharing pictures of my adventures!

  • 5
    Best pack I've ever had

    Posted by Andrei T on 11th Oct 2016

    Super comfortable, durable, spacious and lightweight - met all my expectations and more over a week long trip in the Sierras. One observation I would like to make - if you're used to multiple pockets, get the day talon - I got the regular one and found myself missing the pockets.

    Not the cheapest pack, but worth every penny.

  • 5
    Still Very Happy!

    Posted by Dennis LEE on 11th Aug 2016

    This is a follow up review. After a short outing, I put the pack into a better testing on a family backpacking trip on 93 miles Wonderland Trail over 10 days. The Unaweep performed very well, carrying the load very comfortably and keeping things dry through light to moderate rain. The top lid is a must add on, imo, and between top lid and front tallon, organization and access was no issue over 10 days. Large and easily accessed bottle pockets were handy too. I did add two belt pouches, which served me very well, and wish they had this feature available, but no biggie as there are many choices out there. If you want to have an option to carry a little more weight than the most UL packs with a very little weight penalty, you cannot go wrong with this pack.

  • 4
    Great Pack, with some overvations

    Posted by Steve P on 28th Jul 2016

    I took the Fortress 4800 pack to Philmont this summer. We did 10 days of 10-mile average days (total 100 miles) up long climbs and steady downhills, with weather ranging from cold downpours and hail to hot, dry, and dusty conditions. Average total pack weight was between 50-60 pounds depending on how much food and water I carried on any given day. I can say it's a durable pack, and the waterproof fabric worked well enough keeping things inside dry. I like the low weight. I like the compression sleeve concept, it gave me many options for hanging things on the outside of the pack, like wet socks and shirts. I really like the over-the-top Y shaped compression straps that come to a single point. This design is great for keeping a rolled item on of the pack (like a sleeping bag in a waterproof stuff sack) super secure. I also used the bottom load shelf, which worked well for camp shoes and dirty tent footprint (home-made from Tyvek). What I didn't like was the standard compression sleeve because it was difficult to retrieve items stuffed inside and thins tended to get lost inside with no way to organize it. Once you compress it down and your pack and the sleeve are full it's very difficult to unzip or zip it back up. Lack of organization pockets made it a hassle to use so I rarely tried to retrieve items out of the compression sleeve's zippered compartment while on the trail. When I wasn't being extra careful, I would unzip the sleeve and the things inside (para cord, flashlight, tools, snacks, etc.) would fall out since it becomes one large open pocket with a vertical opening on the side. For this type of backpacking, I would highly suggest the day compression talon, and wish I had one on this trip. The other issue I had was that after several hours of hiking in the heat, sweat begins to absorb into the webbing and straps all over. For me, this led to straps constantly (slowly) loosening so that I was constantly having to tighten the straps on the trail, including load lifters, hip belt, and shoulder straps. If you are only doing a few hours of hiking this would not be an issue, but at Philmont we hiked 6 -7 hours or longer every day so this was a persistent nagging problem. My thought was that sweat absorbed into the straps was like a lubricant and the hardware just didn't do a great job at keeping things cinched down at that point. I wonder if slightly sturdier straps used in construction of the pack might help solve this problem without adding too much weight? They do seem a little thin compared to mass market packs. With only 30-40 pounds, this pack carries like a dream. Pushing 50-60, with wet straps slipping all the time on multi-hour long hikes it got a little uncomfortable. Then again, "comfort" is relative at 10,000 feet carrying 50 pounds for 10 miles at a time.

    Final observation - the padding in the hip belt and shoulder straps held up very well on this trip. On other off-the-shelf packs, the padding always tends to compress and twist inside the outer fabric, especially on the shoulder harness. The padding on my Unaweep Fortress seemed to take a beating while keeping its shape. It didn't compress and twist up like others. This tells me the harness system actually is designed to carry the type of weight and capacity that the bag allows you to carry. in other words, other manufactures will make a high capacity pack bag (meaning heavy weight if you fill it up) but match it to an inadequate harness system. After 10 days and 100 miles of heavy weight I can't detect any compression, distortion, or twisting of the foam padding within the fabric. Overall I like the pack and would recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by Dennis Lee on 4th Jul 2016

    We had an almost SAR type of emregency on a 2 day backpacking trip to Jennie Lake in Sequoia NF (her right hand got slammed and jammed by a sliding boulder), and I had to carry most of my wife's load on the way back. And this pack performed flawlessly! I am really thankful for the folks at Seek Outside for making this pack, and rushing it out so I could take it out this time. I took the pack for a test drive on a short 5 miles to Jennie Lake over July 4th weekend, after they rushed it out to make it happen. Since it was an easier short trip, we took extra weighted stuff like aluminum pots for campfire, portable steel grill, fishing equip, etc to make it more fun trip for kids, so the pack weighted more than usual. On the outbound hike, I was amazed how light the pack felt on my shoulder. On the way back with all the extra weight, I began to feel a little bit of pain toward the end, but nothing much really. We had to pack up frantically, shoving in whatever the kids threw at me, put stuff in between the main bag and the tallon, and hang more stuff on the outside, so the pack must have been awkwardly balanced, but it really didn't matter.

    Only one trip, but with an emergency load and weight, I cannot think of one negative thing on this pack. Great suspension, good balance and an option to carry much larger load, and lightweight, what more can you ask in a pack? Well I wish it was a little less expensive, but I got what I paid for - a very well made lightweight versatile backpack.

    Thank you Seekoutside!

  • 5
    Best pack I've ever owned

    Posted by Curt on 22nd Jun 2016

    I came across this pack by searching "modern external frame backpacks" and scouring the internet for reviews of packs. I checked out a few other hunting packs but they were more for hunting and packing out game than backpacking. I started backpacking around 30 years ago as a kid and grew up with external frame packs. When I got back into backpacking 7 or so years ago I went with an internal framed osprey aether 85L. I have square shaped hips with nearly no "grip" on them whatsoever. The hipbelt on the Aether just didn't fit well and slipped a lot. Over the last few trips I really started to hate that pack. It just never felt as comfortable as I remembered my old external framed kelty packs of the late 80's early 90's. I thought it was just all in my head until I got this pack. I took it on a short weekend trip loaded with about 30lbs. About the same weight I usually carry on a weekend trip in the Aether. We did about 6miles with about 5k feet of elevation gain. The pack's hipbelt never slipped, to the point that it felt strange after years of having to readjust and push my Aether back up on my hips.
    It's also a great design. Efficient, compact and lightweight. The pack I got with accessories is a full pound lighter than my old pack and has more volume. I could fit all of my gear plus our expedition sized bear canister inside the pack. The compression straps are fantastic and placed great to compress the load. The water bottle pockets fit a 1L nalgene under the compression cord for the pocket for size reference. My hips and shoulders usually get sore during trips. With this pack I had zero sore spots or any type of "pack fatigue" during or after the trip. A+ pack.

  • 5
    So far, so good!

    Posted by Ed Stover on 31st Mar 2016

    Just got my Fortress bag, talon and day talon, and have only been out once on a pretty demanding hike: 11 miles and 3200' EG, It was a day hike so I was only packing 22 or 23 pounds, but it gave me an idea. I'm very pleased with the suspension system. Absolutely no sore spots and this was a brand new unit. Very comfortable. I plan to use it a lot in the next few month, so we'll see if the good news continues...

  • 5
    Unaweep Fortress VS Kelty Tioga

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Mar 2016

    I have found the Unaweep suspension to be superior to the Tioga in most respects. The Unaweep is lighter, more comfortable on the back, has better balance, and a better hip belt. The Tioga has a more solid frame due to the extra aluminum in the frame, but I prefer the more flexible frame on the Unaweep.
    Being flexible does not diminish the Unaweep's ability to carry loads. I haven't taken heavy loads out on the trail, but I have tested the pack with 40-50lb loads for hour intervals while doing squats, lunges, and other exercises. During the hour intervals I experienced zero shoulder or back stress. It did take some time to adjust the pack properly, but once adjusted it is comfortable.
    The only disadvantage of the fortress bag seems to be the lack of pockets for organization, but that's not something that I am significantly concerned about. Strapping a bag to the top is definitely an option.
    Overall the Unaweep is a solid, comfortable pack that seems to work very well.