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How to cut your hunting backpack weight.

Want to cut your hunting backpack weight? Don’t know where to start? This isn’t about what you should do or not do, it’s more about how to THINK about weight, how to strategize and decide logically what to cut and what to carry.Why is pack weight important? Well, simply put, pack weight doesn’t matter that much if you hunt the flatlands. But when you’re in the steeps, you feel each ounce, you … read more

by Nathan Coleman

Gear Suggestions for Hunting the West

Did you recently draw a western United States hunting tag? Whether you knew you were going to draw or not you are probably now looking for a few extra pieces of gear to throw into your kit or build a … read more

Faces of Seek Outside: Father's Day Edition

Faces of Seek Outside: Father’s Day TributeKevin Timm, President of Seek Outside, has worn many hats. Lead Guitarist in a rock band, Waiter, and Network Security Engineer being a few, but when I think… read more

by Bekah K. Ficco

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