Matty McMat Face


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Matty McMat Face


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    This extra large foam sleeping pad is classic Seek Outside - well built, incredibly useful, and a great value. 

    This pad serves so many purposes - sit pad, ground pad, air pad supplement and protection, or you can use it in a hammock, cut it up to custom sizes, or use folded as a primary sleeping pad.

    Made from a high quality EVA foam, the pad measures roughly 40" x 81" by 1/8" thick.

    Best Uses:

    • Spread out fully -  ground sheet, R value supplement for air pad, puncture protection for an air pad.  The EVA is waterproof, so it'll protect your sleeping gear from muddy ground.
    • Folded over lengthwise the pad makes a 20" x 81" x 1/4" thick foam sleeping pad.
    • Fold over lengthwise, then fold over again and you have a 20" by 40" x 1/2" thick foam sleeping pad that is 2/3 length for most UL campers.

    Rolls up to 20" wide by 6.5" diameter.  

    Average weight is 8-9 oz. 

    Ships with one gatekeeper strap.

    What To Expect:

    We don't intend for this mat to be a standalone sleeping pad unless you are an experienced minimalist used to sleeping with very little padding.  What the Matty McMat Face excels at is providing emergency backup insulation in case your air pad pops, it also is big enough to act as a very nice ground sheet (that doesn't slip), it adds increasing R value if doubled over, it protects your air pad from sharps, and it makes a very thick and comfy sit pad when folded up.

    This pad will crease over time.  Roll it a different way or lay it out in the sun to relax creases and erase memory.  This pad will get tears and holes with hard use - it is still functional.  Larger holes or tears can be patched with tape.

    To roll - fold over lengthwise, start rolling.  You'll need to mend the top layer, making a small fold into the roll several times as you go in order for the top and bottom layers to come out even.  Creases can be expected, and will slacken if the pad is left in the sun.