Lead Times 1-3 weeks

Backpack Technical Details

Techincal Details: 

BackPack Suspension Fitting and Torse Length Range: 

Component Torso Range Hipbelt Belt Min Hipbelt Belt Max
Frame 24 16 - 20    
Frame 26 16 - 22    
Frame 28  16 - 24    
Small   27.5 inches 33
Medium   30.5 inches 36
Large   33.5 inches  39

Configuration weights, Pack Dimensions and Volume:

Size  Talon Only 3900 4800 6300
Dimensions  10*18 40*36 44*36 48*36
Full Volume 33" (Not including Talon on Pack Bags) ~1000 4200 5080 6050
Volume 24" (Not including Talon on Pack Bags)   3050 3700 4400
Compressed with Talon ~1000 ~1000 ~1000 ~1000
Roll Top Ext as Top Pocket w/ Talon volume   1800 2000 2200
Includes Side Access Zip   No Yes Yes
Bear Cannister Easy Horizontal Access   No / can vertical Yes Yes
Evo + Talon + Pack Bag X21  2 lb 14 ounces 3 lbs 11 3 lbs 14 3 lbs 15
Evo + Talon + Pack Bag X42 2 lb 15 ounces 3 lbs 12 4 lb  4 lb 1
Unaweep VX21 (No Talon) N/A 2 lbs 13 2 lbs 15 N/A
Unaweep VX42 (No Talon) N/A 3 lbs  3 lbs 2 N/A 
Unaweep X21 RC (No Talon)  N/A 2 lbs 10 2 lbs 12 N/A
Talons - Base Hydro X21 6.0       

Talon - Dual Hydro X21 


Fabric Option and Colors: 

  • XPAC X21RC - Alpine Gray. This is a 210 Denier face fabric with a waterproof laminate. The fabric is very lightweight however the face fabric is durable enough for most backpacking uses 4.4 oz per sq yard
  • XPAC X33 - Rugged Multicam  This is a 330 Denier Cordura face fabric with the waterpoorf laminate. This does not have the interior scrim. This fabric is suitable for all but the most abusive of uses. This is a great fabric where rock abrasion and lightweight is a concern. These are built in limited runs with longer lead times. 6.3 oz per sq yard
  • XPAC X42 - Expedition Olive  This fabric is suitable for the most rugged uses and features a 420 Denier face fabric with a the waterpoof laminate . 7.4 oz per sq yard
  • XPAC X51 - Guide Slate. 500 / 1000 Denier Cordura face , 2 layer fabric. Xtreme XPAC 9.2 oz per sq yard

Fabric Contrustion Notes:

The exterior face fabric is denoted by the 21 / 33 / 42 rating which is the denier of the fabric. A higher denier fabric such as 42 is heavier and provides better exterior abrasion resistance than a 21 fabric. 

Comparing these fabrics to other pack fabrics here is a general guide. 

X42 has a higher taber abrasion resistance rating than 500 D Cordura. It is termed a "rugged" fabric that is suitable for rock abrasion / hard use. 

X33 is a 330 Denier Cordura faced fabric. It will provide exactly the same exterior performance as 330 Denier Cordura. It is a very good fabric at balancing weight and ruggedness. 

X21 Fabrics have a 210 Denier face fabric. These perform very well through brush and timber but are not so good for rugged rock usage (rope hauls / slot canyons / talus and scree abrasion). These offer similar durability to most "recreational / non lightweight packs".  

All fabrics will perform well for general trail based backpacking. The bulk of the suspension on all packs is 500 Denier Cordura, a fabric with a long record of durability and performace.