CDT Desert Section Gear and Thoughts

CDT Desert Section Gear and Thoughts

16th Apr 2019

Are you sure you want to do this said Angie as I was unloading my pack from the truck and practically straddling the border between New Mexico and Mexico. That said, I did over pack, but I knew I was as there were some things I wanted to test and compare or contrast. Some items were way heavier than many would take but worked great and gave a peace of mind. The following video goes over some of the choices. The max miles I did in a day was 24 according to my Garmin, and the max weight was over 40 on a large water haul. 

In Short: 

  • Sleeping Bag - Western Mountaineering Terralite. Why choose over a quilt ? Big enough my dog Iris could sleep under it as well if I used it quilt like. Typical of Western Mountaineering it worked as expected.
  • Sleeping Pad - Combo Nemo Tensor and Theremarest Prolite small. It worked, but the Prolite did need a repair likely caused by dog claws. next time, I'll likely just double up a CCF. The Nemo seemed at least as good as the Zrest . 
  • Tent - Seek Outside Eolus in Cuben with Nest. Worked really well. I used 9 inch MSR core stakes for the rocky or loose soils which worked well.
  • BackPack - Seek Outside Divide - Well proven and great for water hauls.
  • Water Purifier - MSR Guardian - Money and weight well used. Yes I could have saved some ounces but significantly increased the fiddle factor. The MSR Guardian gave a peace of mind. 
  • Stove System - MSR Pocket rocket the new improved version worked well 
  • Cooking Kit - Seek Outside Titanium Mug and an anodized titanium pan.
  • Other Items Of Note: Umbrella for sun and rain with wind shell from biking.