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Instruction Videos: 

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Backpack Fitting and Adjustment:

Please note: Correct harness adjustment is so the center of the harness is about even with C7 (the large bump at the base of your neck)

Lid Attachment:

Tipi Setup (4 -16 person):


  • When pulling out sides for setback, don't overstretch the tent. The correct fabric lay is taught , but not stretched. The easiest way to accomplish this is to pull a little and let it snap back. 
  • Setbacks are usually the following if you do not have a setback measurement. 
  • Zipper to Zipper = 2X the distance from the zipper guy out to the end of the sod skirt (after the correct fabric lay - fold from the end of the sod skirt over the guy out and stake. Zipper to zipper is only done one zipper 
  • Side setbacks - Usually one stake length , done on both sides. 
  • The recommended setbacks are for a standard no guy out pitch. If you would like a little more interior space, or improved snow shedding, move the setbacks in toward center one - two inches from recommened setback, click the pole an inch higher and use the side guy outs.  
Setback and Height Guide 
Model 4 Person 6 Person 8 Person 12 Person 16 Person
Zipper - Zipper 28 36 46 54 62
Side Setback 4 6 7 8 9
Height  81 94 102 114 126


Lil' Bug Out Setup (3 Part Vestibule):

Cimarron and Redcliff Setup:


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