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Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips

Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips

by Kevin on 21st Nov 2017

Winter camping and hot tenting can be an incredible time to be out. Some of the benefits of winter snow camping are that it's far easier to find solitude and you have far more travel and packing options. However, the cold can pose challenges and the risk is higher.  Outside of the obvious tips like a warm sleeping bag and pad, here are some other helpful tips to help you have a better winter / snow camping experience. 


  • Keep Your Face Warm:  But don't breath in your sleeping bag
  • Two Pairs of Gloves: Keep one warm and dry and rotate 
  • Make a Stove Platform from wood: Split rounds with leg holes 
  • Wood Prep and a Warm Fire: A mix of larger rounds, split rounds and fast burning wood  
  • Keep Water Flowing: Insulate water 
  • Vapor Barriers can feel warmer: Vapor barriers can have a lot of uses. In some cases they just make you feel warmer