Joel Webster Podcast: TRCP Update LWCF, MAPLand Act and Migration Corridors

Joel Webster Podcast: TRCP Update LWCF, MAPLand Act and Migration Corridors

Posted by Kevin on 7th May 2020

Joel Webster Podcast: TRCP Update LWCF, MAPLand Act and Migration Corridors

In this Episode Joel Webster, Senior Director of Western Programs for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP), joins Dennis and Kevin to give us an update on conservation issues during this COVID-19 legislature including: Land and Water Conservation Fund and the MAPLand Act. We also get into migration corridors and spring turkey hunts.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the seagull side podcast. This is Dennis and before we get started. I just like to ask that. If you've been enjoying our shows please leave us a review wherever you get your podcast. Thank you today Kevin. I are joined by Joel. Absurd to senior director Western at the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership or T. R. P. We get into the map land at what that means migration corridor talk and also. Turkey hunts so please enjoy our conversation with Joel webster hey joel webster from ti CPA. How's it going man? Welcome to the PODCAST. We're also joined by Kevin. Today and my name is Dennis. How's it going? Great Denison Kevin Harvey to do it. Well are we also going to work from Home Blues yet or not? I'm hanging in there with. There's three of us in the house they Feel like I'm on the phone. A lot in my seven year old is not in school so trying to continue to stay productive at work while also trying to help her earn and prevent any of us from going crazy but things are fine. You know I've been out getting outside a little bit Turkey hunting and so that helps me maintain my sanity. You were successful in your Turkey hunting. Yeah I've got Tom. So far. Had Awesome Hunt a colleague? I went out for a half day and ended up getting two nights. Toms and it was just some of the best thing I can remember because you know they came in Al puffed up and it was just like the great the Turkey Dream about where the bird comes in and full strength and in the end up shooting him like ten yards and we got two birds that way and in a matter of thirty minutes in two different setups both nice birds. I've really excited about that was super. I don't know it was just a fulfilling hunt that the kind you dream about. Yeah were you able to did you. I guess we're both Tom's together. And then you're able to shoot one and then chased the other one down again and get them to come back. No there were to their separate. The first one was actually with two hands and we spotted him from almost three hundred yards away and snuck into like seventy yards and then I gobbled at him and pulled out my fan and Annabella tilted the Turkey fan at him and he came in to kick my butt. Who discharged on me like in full strength? comments I was worried he was gonNA run me over. I shot him before he got any closer because I was worried about getting attacked by them. And then I got him tagged and with a couple of photos and decided the walk the perimeter of this. They'll national forest parcel that surrounded by a few ranches into Start walking the perimeter of it and then just immediately heard a couple of gobbles thrown into nerds off Up and we had those birds came in Like on a string and Tom Right to each other. The whole way in my hunting partner shot him like ten yards. And they're both right next to each other. Just going gangbusters is it was. It was just perfect and the bird killed is just huge body. Like I got an hour. I sort of got a system. I can break them down and in separate the partisan you know he'll bags like four meals out of him in the breasts on on the Turkey. Each lobe just filleted off the restaurants. Just a meat was two pounds nine ounces for each side so that's a pretty good bird From in my opinion based on most Usually way the brass just because think about Nelson as impressed Pretty happy have. Yeah so I have not been getting out near as much as I would like. Our weather has been relatively disgusting. And we've also been doing some home construction projects and really kind of focus on and also focusing on navigating these twelve in nineteen water's right as a business so yeah kind of changes how we operate and stuff right so one of the things like Turkeys. You're just talking about him. Like Conservation Success Story that right Super Conservation Success story how in your involved highly in conservation.

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How is cove nineteen change in your day to day stuff? And how was it changing public lands and the things that you normally do? Yeah that's a great question. I mean I think sort of break this up into a few different things verse. Let's just talk about you. Know People in the field and one of the things that were do. In courage you know people to record responsibly. Outside in because right now a lot of public lands are open for hunting faiths into Public Lands Open and and we want to make sure that it stays that way so folks continue to have those opportunities and so we're really encouraging people right now to stay local not travel too far but also to make sure that they're practicing Social distancing when they're outdoors just to try and make sure that are considered to be open and continue to go outside and hunt and fish in terms of The conservation work itself. I think a couple different ways of looking at I mean I. There's sort of administrative falsity. We work a lot on. Public Lands Management Bureau of land management administer five million acres of public land the Forest Service oversees one hundred ninety three million acres in a lot of the things we work on our processes at the agencies are engaged in to determine how those lands should be managed and implementing that management and really Continuing the Bureau of Land Management for example is doing a lot of land. Use plans places like Montana and Colorado in Idaho In places that are important like the Missouri Breaks Montana that the Bennett Hills in Idaho and and those processes are really moving forward I think a lot of the BELAND staffer working remotely they're continuing to. I think Charge ahead to to get that stuff wrapped up. You look at Congress though. Things have really changed their You know there's been these series of stimulus packages and that have really just stuck to all of their for everything else. They're congress not doing any sort of hearings on bills like things that we might be interested in for now sort of public land bills special places if looking to conserve or or other packages they're just not regular is not a thing right now. It's really about be stimulus package. And so all of on gauge must congressional members is really focused about you. Know what are the things that we work on stimulate economy and do good things and a couple of those Sort of items. That have been octopus. Lodder Land and Water Conservation Fund and also the restore our parks provisions and. There are some bills that were in play right before the whole Kobe. Nineteen really revved up tight Atlanta Water Conservation Fund until just a real quick background on that it It's a program that uses recedes from ostrogoths development and and and those dollars directed towards outdoor recreation of the state and federal level. There's broad bipartisan agreement. To move something before the whole Kobe. Nineteen pandemic really got ramped up and then also with that is a provision to Address the maintenance backlog of knees on our federal public lands including Park Service Fish and Wildlife Service national forests B. M. Lands and also Indian Asian and those packages were pretty much teed up and so we're hopeful that those could move is part of a stimulus package is also Interested even an infrastructure bill that could include money for wildlife crossings for big game so do work in the summertime when the highway works. Done As you guys have probably seen as place that they put in fencing or overpasses for wildlife across the road to reduce vehicle collision conserve the resource in the real interest in moving at Transportation Bill. Because there's a lot of jobs could be created through that and is some good stuff that could be done for wildlife in that. If there's some money in there to help you know bill. Wildlife crossings that enabled big game like the migrate from their Summer Rangers in hammered on Highways. So is the L. W. CF is so it's kind of on hold at this point right As far as getting voted on It's possible that it could move in a later stimulus package. But I think it's yet to be seen what that might look like. I know people are actively working on that it has not been included in the wanted to pass already in.

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I guess it. Can you explain? Why a like if they before cove nineteen it would have just passed threat. It seems like it had bipartisan everybody. Who was psyched to get it through is probably GONNA go through March April timeframe. And now you're saying that it might go through as like a stimulus within that it's going to change at all gathered. GonNa put in different. Provisions may give it more money or move that money around a little bit no. It'd be more that it would talk about. What vehicle at rides along West and immune KONGER SOREK? They used to pass a lot of legislation regularly anymore. That's just not really out. Congress works it seems like there's a few bills that move in more infrequently but they're huge. They're massive pieces of legislation and and everything including the kitchen sink. I guess at once and then they move that whole package at one time and another was teed up to move as part of this great American outdoors act just before everything blew up with Kobe. Nineteen and it's been sidelined as a result of just For Congress to move all these stimulus packages but there is interest in moving a larger infrastructure package later stimulus where it's going to include a lot of provisions that deal with You know construction and in highways and and public lands and things like that and so the chance that The Great American outdoors act could be included in. That package would be the same bill. But that's where it could ride along into passage of a lot of those conversations still had so than it we're actively working on the train see happened but That's the idea right now. Is that? That's a possibility. So do you have any idea when when that might happen? Or when there might be the passage of something for migration corridors and such because I know just from where? I live the thirty miles basically on the highway from the house to the nearest sizable town in March. When Note It's it's just carnage from years of during the sign of the road and stuff. Yeah you know. I saw that Mitch McConnell Just said the other day that they're not gonNA move any stimulus packages brisket. Come back to DC in in meet in person and so I think this this sort of round of stimulus Has Been Delayed some. I'm not exactly sure on timing. That's a great question for our our government relations folks who work on the hill directly but I know some of that's been delayed some in and hopefully not too long though his is it other other parts L. W. CF You know getting sidelined from nineteen other other things that were were maybe going to happen at For just bad timing. I guess you know Aren't going to happen now or maybe get three years. Yeah I mean. I think that there's a lot of things that require Hearing process and And that are maybe nonessential when the economy and really you know a physician as some bills tied to outdoor recreation. There's a bill that we're working on. That was introduced before November. Nineteen Kinda. Shut things down here called the modernizing access to public land. Act That you know we did get some hearings for that bill and and see it move but just because congress isn't actively Holding hearings right now. I'm For regular order to risky restored and for things to return to normal before we can Start to move that bill forward again and I know when we had talked to Talked Chacho when we sat down and chat a little bit Usually these election years are times. Were the spring you kind of move. Those things forward ret In can get get things through people wanNA pass legislation because it's getting to be election in all.

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I mean like the map. Land Act Read. The they were just talking about Was that something that could have potentially gone faster in now will like take take some more time potential Yeah I mean. We felt pretty good about that. Bill it It was introduced back in March and Sport in both the Senate and the house With Martha mcsally And Angus King sponsored Senate side and then Culture from Idaho and kilner from Washington on the House side Bipartisan Bill could move that forward with some some hearings quickly and just a quick break down the bill What it would do is imagine you guys. Are you know use hand-held? Gps type applications to navigate public land siegen around private land while staying legal and staying on public lands and so you can hunt spots that otherwise he tough to navigate and one of the things that found Working on some projects with Who makes you know one of the leading a hand? Gps locations is that we do these projects. Identifying the total acreage a landlocked public lands across the West found fifteen point eight million acres estate federal land locked in the West but one of the things we found through that process. Is that You know there's a lot of places where the agents old easement across private land so they actually own an access right like a road right across tried it land but most of those Access rights are still held on paper. File they're not actually uploaded in the digital mapping systems and so as a result The federal agency nor the public really know where those access rights exist with a lot of certainty and so The long As thirty seven thousand statements of which only five thousand of actually been uploaded into digital form. And so there's a ton of Public access out there that I think could be in would be made more readily available to the public in the agency. There digitized digitize. This bill would direct the to do that for a service fish and Wildlife Service Bureau of Reclamation Park Service also the mcchord engineers and so that would be one part of it which would also help them. prioritize the acquisition of access where it doesn't exist and Digitizing those those easement S- The It adds the benefit that one. If if something were to happen in those paper documents disappeared I e a fire or something happened we would have no idea where when or if those things ever existed that those are typically paid for that right like the they have purchased that easement from the landowner dumps than something to to get the easement. That's right yeah. A lot of those even serve fifty years old and Back in the day for service bought an access right across that land. It's recorded You know it's it's it's not a subjective document the things that There's actually an access right that's been purchased from the landowner and it's Germany recorded at the county level. But then so it's neighbor file at the at the agency but the problem is is a lot of these are these paper files are held and file cabinets in basements of local district ranger stations. And generally like when you have a road segment that goes connects public highway like the national forests. They might cross you. Know three or four different landowner's land right and so this individual easement for each piece of private property and the only way to really confirmed that as you've gotta pull those paper files up in steady easement to confirm that access and really what the processes that they would do. Is They have a system. Where they upload these into their digital files where they studied the easement and they upload the layers in it so basically it would show is a road across through a trailer that Pratt land identify whether or not it's open to the public or it's in its administrative easement lit a lot of times the Landowners are crafty about keeping people off of the public land near them.

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I've seen numerous times where you'll be looking for something to access some public land for hunting or whatever and they'll have signs that will say something along the lines like private property and then in little like next three hundred twenty feet or something right I know. Pm Yeah go ahead. Now go ahead now. I even known some people that even intentionally done that right. Just try to I guess make the Blm or the forest land. That is near their place. Pretty much just their forest land and not something that is open to the public. I mean that's definitely an issue where you have a forest service road where somebody should is trespassing really know disputing whether or not these roads are in fact you know open to the public. It's recorded in law. It's not like a prescriptive easement. There are places where The public maybe four service trail or a road that crosses private land and the agency never secure and in those cases. It's really prescriptive. Use that is providing that that access when I mean by that is this state laws Determine how prescriptive access can be defined which has to do with but sort of regular and continuous use over a certain period of time. That could actually be used a securities meant and in those cases. It's a pretty contentious. Approach is a lot of gray area. There's an access is not guaranteed and I think in those cases This bill would not address that and play. What do the show is? It would enable the agencies to know where they do have public access secured and so then they could work with landowners. Cooperative hopefully purchase easement. They currently. Don't hold them but The other issue too is county roads at this bill would not address and I know that you get this going on a slope There's roads that are store county roads. Where the county's hold easement across private land and that's where the counties maintain those roads and there's places where there's disputes over whether or not a road is in fact a county road and and that is a whole nother can of worms that bill would also not address but this does address one piece of it which it says would do is identify where access has been secured and we know that fact and so as a result of that we could look to the places where access has not been secured at least not in a an indefinite way and people could focus their efforts on trying to open access in those places and hopefully in a know as constructive manner as possible where there's a lot of money available through the land and Watertown Nation Fund where three percent of that program must be used for accessing. So those dollars could actually be used to pay land owners to acquire easement across the property to make those to secure that access. You know permanently across those those ranches in so and there's a lot of you know I know that people like to To pull out the the examples of of access conflicts in where you know. Landowners in public are fighting over access. But there's also a lot of great stories where Glenn Owners Support Access. And they're willing to provide that and I think financial incentives can get them. They're they're not all that So if this if this happens right and if the funding how long would it be before like my onyx map would tell me like? Oh you're just go process little road here Would it be like a something to digitize and get it in the mapping that would be like six months three years any idea on that so after the bill would pass? Yes yeah I mean. I think that once this is uploaded into the system. Those at makers are pretty much ready to go Assuming that the information is entered is by the agencies and and put out there in a way that clearly delineates public access. New One of the issues at some easement are for administrative use and other ones for public access. And so is bill would also require that That the public access delineated and I think that's super important to make sure that it can be interpreted one of the problems too that the bill tries to address is that a lot of the agencies are not consistent and how they provide electronic information or how they created for the example the BLM does it differently in every state for example like maybe row access is done ever and so.

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It's really hard to us. Because none of that. They might actually be presenting differently. They might be presenting it with different attributes. And so it's just a big giant mess and in this bill would also require that the agencies standardized their data on a national level in that they work together To try and do it in such a way that that may not while they still have their own. Electronic data sets that the data's fairly consistent from one agency to the next. I just makes it a lot more usable and some other things that the bill would try and help clear up in one of those is like shooting restrictions in areas with with hunting restrictions Like for example. You ever go out and on on your public land in CEA sort of a safety zone sign where it says no shooting behind the sign. But you can't really tell exactly where that safety zone starts and ends that no no student. I sign and you're like well like right behind it a lot. Yeah Yeah And and what this would do is require them to provide that information digitally to and so you can just grab a right the no shooting boundaries. Right here I know I'm ten yards outside of it. I'm in the clear. There's a place not far from me here in the and there's a ranger station and it's a great looking spot for Turkey's because it's got some private land nearby and agricultural fields and so it's just jerky spots also good for white tails but there's no shooting. Zayn signs but I cannot tell for the life where it starts and stops so I avoid it entirely so I'm not break but You know if we if I could go up there and just look at my APP and be like all right. Here's the boundary. I know where I can hunt. And and so. That's another thing that the bill would try and clear up in just a couple more real quicker and other one is is roads and trails making sure that the agencies clearly specify what roads are open to what types of vehicles in what dates. So that way when you put you're driving around on two tracks on public land new come to a fork in the road you can pull up your APP. It'd be like all right. I'm on my in my truck. You know this road open or not. And a lot of the management signs at the agencies have put up have been torn down or shot up to a point where you can't read them and or they just non existent and so I think people are out there driving around not really knowing what the rules are and So I helped aid cut down on illegal use. You don't have people sort bombing around whether or not to be a game out of the tree but also great from a scouting perspective from home and that you can identify where you can go The four wheeler dirt bike or bicycle. Or you want one hundred on horses that you know something that you can look from home and identify where places are open to to help provide you know increased opportunities and then the final one being water and in places where you've got you know sort of federal restrictions on water. Let's out late on national forest land and they've got you know restrictions on on horsepower for a boat and you want to go out there and troll and fish would require that nation be made available electronically to so you don't have to. You're not confused about it. You don't have to go up there and read the boat launch signs. You actually been get that information easily from home although it'd be yeah knows it's something about those signs that seemed to be targets right for shotgun shotgun around. It's almost like they should just put random targets of all over the place for everybody to shoot at maybe the targeted next to the side. Yantai next please shoot here. I should hear not their target sign like ten feet away like this sign instead so so can continue to read just like difficulty ratings. Do for their way since harder. Right maybe maybe make it look like a little Turkey head or something if you really WanNa get see how your patterning so you're okay so you you've been involved in conservation stuff for a really long time. Well maybe that maybe that was stretching it a little bit But how do the different organizations were can you compare and contrast you know different conservation organizations and what their focus is and maybe a little bit of how they Go about things if you want.

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You can totally throw other people under the boss I'll try not to do that. I mean I think as you guys know and as your listeners know lots of different organizations in the hunting and fishing space I will say that. I think that they all fill a niche and do work because a lot of work out there that that needs to be done and even with the existing capacities a lot of things that are not getting done on this just so much only so many resources just to talk sort of start out with the TR CPA and and how we're structured in what we do Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership is is really a partnership based organization where we work with sixty national regional organization ranging from you know trod on limited and backcountry hunters anglers to like the meal Deer Foundation and Turkey Federation and in Crockett. I've been really runs. You know the sort of broad spectrum of the the hunting and fishing community and we also include some of that wildlife organizations like Wildlife Management Institute and Wildlife Society American Fisheries Society. And then also. Some of the outdoor recreation based groups like the roundtable outdoor industry association but as an organization. We're very focused on policy and itions Are Developed through what we have. Is this policy council and so we work a lot with the sixty organizations to really develop our priorities but also try and make sure that that the entirety of the hunting and fishing community is really focused and and unified in our asks and And as a result we're not an individually all the different groups asking for different things. Because when we do that we don't get anything because we're sending mixed signals to lawmakers and they only have so much bandwidth and time to think about things and so we're all on the same page The more effective. We're going to be so it was real role is to try and bring those folks together. And then at the at the state level you not be has a lot of staff out. West got staffing innate Western states again at that level our our team is really focused on trying to bring together the groups in the day to try and have common ground into form coalitions to To address problems and really we focus on policy and so it's things that decision makers so at the federal level generally is where we work. I'm trying to get members of Congress all sort of do things that benefit the hunting community. you know working with the federal agencies the Bureau of Land Management Forest Service to try. And make sure that their actions in their management is beneficial game in industries and that had benefits access in sportsman. We also work a lot with the state fish and wildlife agencies. Now you look at other organizations like especially at us go to the single species groups You know the Rocky Mountain now foundation or The Moore Foundation of their work is News habitat focused. They do a lot of habitat. Projects Fund habitat projects. I know the rocky. Mount Foundation holds conservation. Easement access actually no work with landowners to securities. Men's they'll purchase land the help transfer it to the federal agencies. And so they're doing a whole bunch of work that we do. They do some policy work but They have a smaller staff dedicated that they've got a much larger staff. You know focused on these other aspects of their mission You look back country hunters and anglers. They have some overlap with tears. Cpn in the policy work But their models quite different in that focused around their chapter structure which can be very localized and They're answering and held accountable to the chapters a tear. Cp's very accountable to our partners and we do have a membership. But it's a very different structure when you look at it and so I think the result of that You know the way we go about our work and the work that we do is different. I will say to that you know organization. We have a taunt. Paul's by people are really subject matter. Erz Center in the weeds with their. You know their sleeves rolled up. And that's really where our money goes Because we're not injectors were not through spending. You know a huge part of our budget on on that chapter Structure that's really where resources go and there's advantages and disadvantages to that model That's what we do because of what our niches. What about? What about Involving the recreation crowd more versus the hunting fishing crowd the recreation crowds seems to correct me.

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If I'm wrong They seem to trend more towards Sierra Club. Or maybe the Wilderness Society And not so much into tier severe. Obviously Neil Foundation and things like that and it seems like I mean there's blindness comment for years right that hunters and fishermen are paying the bulk of conservation and you know through through fees from Robert Son and through hunting fishing licenses and at the REC crowd isn't really that involved. Then you have like outdoor industry association saying well we. We don't need tax because we make our stuff overseas because we make stuff overseas. It's tariffs when it comes in. Government can do whatever they want with it And then there's some people I've talked to That seemed to be more like well. I don't really want the crowd at the table with me because they want something different And then some people think well we all got to be together right. I mean together or separate were too small of niches to really make that much impact. What are your thoughts on that? That's a lot Kevin. I know I I mean you're you're right. The hunting and fishing community pays into conservation in a way that most other don't we have Pittman Robertson on the hunting side and single Johnson on the fishing side which are excise tax taxes that You purchase of year or things like rifles and shotguns. There's there's taxes that are applied to those purchases that fun a look good work in across the nation when it comes to fish and wildlife conservation. tears. Ep has a really good relationship though with the Other forms of outdoor recreation in that community. They're actually you know from what we've found to be very Solutions focused very smart. We work a lot with the outdoor recreation round table which is more than just the Human powered racks also include the motorized folks And we work with the outdoor injuries industry association. But you know there. I think really important players Work with some of Human organizations that are made up of the outdoor alliance on some issues. But I I feel like there's a lotta lap in in conservation in some of creation Provisions dealing with things like permitting on on public lands And make those assesses Like there's a lot of synergy with those groups. Yeah we're not on the same page on everything But but they're an important player. I think they're Influences is rising and I think it's important that we work with them but we have a really good relationship with them and we value that you have Some of those people that kind of sit on the board is that right My my former. Ceo Ra. I think Jerry Jerry. Stravinsky's in there that outdoor REC World Steph. So yeah seems like you have that influence right at home. We do we do. We have a good relationship with them and we. I think that they appreciate our pragmatic approach to solving problems. We try to roll up our slaves. A lot of problems are complex. I think the public likes to talk about things being black and white especially on social media there's a villain and hero and I think for some issues that works great like Public Land. Transfer right trying to sell off public lands. It's easy to draw a line in the sand on that issue I like clean to draw a line in the sand on that issue. But you know with some of these issues Like beal planning and oil and gas development on bail or even renewables development for that matter like those are complex issues and them. Right you've got to be willing to work your slaves in and work with people to find compromises that that do the right thing for la But but also you know try and minimize conflict with other users as we can and that and that's something that we really try to do in relation is really trying and be Solutions focused and trying to get to yes with people and I think that the outdoor recreation crowd appreciates that about us because especially in today's world where you know there's so many haters.

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I guess on on social media. We try had focused on the outcome and try not to get caught up in that and as a result were pretty success because people gravitate towards us because they want that and I think that's something that does really well awesome So if we can kind of segue into from that map land act in those those people into kind of this migration corridor dit Was watching some stuff too smart on the New Mexico migration corridors? There's obviously a lot of stuff coming out in Wyoming. Their migration corridors Is that is that something maybe Kind of the stimulus package where we're going to start building some road and doing some stuff that we could get some of those migration quarters in there. Yeah so a lot of that. Migration worked in You know they be awhile ago. Begin this really has to do with modern technologies tied the GPS units where they've affixed these callers to the big game like deer Nelken. They're able to tell within ten feet where they are in the landscape and so they're able to track movements with a level precision. That just wasn't possible back in the days of radio. Telemetry and as a result. They've started mapping out these big a migration calls where he's like Wyoming they found places where meal dearer a traveling one hundred and fifty miles from their summer range to their winter range and be as unions build obstructions to those movements whether it be an eight foot tall or a highway or a development right on top of those we could actually block those movements which could then reduce dig game abundance escape have a detrimental effect on hunting opportunity. I mean also. It's just a bummer too. You know fewer jere animals on the landscape and so the state of Wyoming really pioneered a lot of And a lot of excitement came from it and then two thousand eighteen the Department of the Interior under former Secretary Ryan Zinke secretarial order. Three three six two which directed the Department of the Interior to prioritize big game migration on lands overseen by the agency which includes Blm and as a result of that there became some resources available Some grants were given out that went to the two most of the western states. I believe all the League actually all eleven western states to call her wildlife but also to start doing projects in these migration corridors to help enhance fish and wildlife habitat. But it's really a set off a chain reaction where all the sudden all these states Outside Wyoming have really geared up To Map these corridors and to Take steps to conserve them. And so you're seeing places like Colorado and New Mexico and Nevada Utah and Montana in Idaho. You know putting callers on whole bunch of herds adair now comprising horn They're tracking their movements are looking at what day can be doing to help. Maintain these corridors but also potentially enhance them in places where they found that they've done things wrong in the past like I know in Wyoming. They'd they realized that they'd put up eight foot tall fences to. I think it was to protect some field like L. Winter and they didn't want him in there eating there. Hey and but it weld. Life can't get through eight eight foot tall fence and so inadvertently create obstructions for those critters and it's not that you know the places to do that there are places where we do need to be even l. out of his ex clear but you could move that rate sort of out of the path of that corridor in a way that still accomplishes the same goal but also made sure that those continue to move through there and so that's an example of display. Things were figuring out but one of things that we're working on right now. Is that all the scientists brand new and you'd get the like. I said manage in two hundred and forty five million acres in the West You've got the Forest Service. Holding one hundred ninety three million acres and for the most part in those agencies managing plans which was that direct. How those lines are going to be managed. They do not even acknowledged that migration corridors even exist and so when they're considering a development proposal whether it'd be for oil and gas or for a new road or even for a habitat improvement project or a fencing project like they're not even thinking about this. Oh we're really working to make sure that that they're management plans are updated to You know to consider and manage for the scientists coming of dates And that the actions they take her as informed as possible to help not late sort of conservative protect these corridors but potentially even enhance upto.

45:19 - 50:00

We have more wildlife on the landscape and more hunting opportunities. Have you have you noticed since you know be? Emma won't pick on them. Necessarily all of these agencies now are working at home or they get more done. I would imagine I'd imagine productivity probably declined because it's hard and I you know I did it with young kids at home knows that it's tricky time right now when you're trying to get your work done and you've got a five year old coming up and tug it on your shirt That you know. They're not just their brains. Not just becoming Mush. And they're not. You know watching Amazon prime videos or eight hours day right and it's easy. It's easy to do that but and so I mean I think that. I think that they're doing the same thing as everybody else but I do know that. They're continuing to move forward They want to get things done. I mean it's I know there's a Lotta politics flying around on this right now. But you've got current administration as an election coming up in November. They've got things in underway that they wanna see completed and I think it works that way Rennie Administration. Unlike you can single out the trump administration for doing this. They've got things that they want to get done and they're gonNA work to see them get done and so I think they're on their goals trying to accomplish them. And so things are probably disrupted to some extent As a result of this but I think that they still wanted to get there and you could you could put the kids in front of the TV on prime stripes. Randy newberg argue that. There's there's a lot worse ways for them. Spend their day than watching randy and that is true. I like Randy Grind. I really like watching shows on Youtube because you get the day by day. I find that that's kind of where I spent a lot of my time. Watching his stuff because it's great to get a little bit on the minute version. You're not you. Don't get the cart wheels. I don't think Amazon Prime Right. Yeah on I think. Amc cartwheel's have knowledge solid technique. Poll weatherman makes me feel like I should start practicing Careers were were fighting a good fight around here too with the almost two year old. That's that runs the house now that we're all here together all day right now. I think two's about as hard as gets she. She dictates she dictates the work at home policies for sure. Yeah they start like they're old enough to community the mobile but they're entirely irrational still in mobile to a fall river. She's on top of the Mike. Really really you there today. Their safety. Yeah exactly when you own your home improvement project. When he was when he was like to rethink we got this all cleaned up and then would go in the room that just put a new floor or something in you'd see them about ten seconds later with a nail trying to stick it in the outlet and you just be like where did he find that constant constant You'd mentioned earlier. Not Sort of turning around and you guys that you know businesses. I'd love to hear. How are things going at seek outside with the cub in Nineteen? So we probably moved everyone home. We did move everyone home. Probably before Or removed the bulk of people home before everyone else before it was mandatory So Yeah Dennis is at home now. Not In the office All Customer Sport is we tried to get customers to email versus. Call us because people may have a a child at home As well we moved the bulk of our sewers home It's changed a bit of the way we work We're also showing some mass and some eager for another company Business though has been really strong and I was just looking added in. I mean compared to the same segment of April last year.

50:00 - 55:00

We're almost to ex- you know it's it's been really strong. I don't know why I have a feeling that one going outdoors and distancing is something that is useful you know that is an activity that people. Okay that's a good activity for right now. another that were made in USA So I think that helps a bit Also you know when this first happened Everyone was like there was no food at the GROCERY STORE. But almost every hunter or fisherman was like. Oh my freezers. Look pretty good right now. So I think there's some people maybe thinking of getting back into that and gardening and home setting a little bit more taking a little bit more control Yeah it's been good. I mean Angie's done a fantastic job In making it happen She really has We'll just kinda see I mean. I also know that some people that I've talked to seemed to be like well. I have a more money than I thought I did. If they're still employed right if they're not in the restaurant yeah and the street or one of those industries that hit really hard like dance class. I'm not going out to EAT FOR PIZZA. After dance class. I'm not going here and going here and I didn't. I didn't realize we had so much money. Leftover if we just quit going places so for us. We're doing pretty well at this moment. I hope it continues that way Knock my boat We'll say yeah was. It was pretty cool that we were able to on you know. We're able to pick up sewing machines and take him to you. Know our our sewers houses in today as you can keep working in in in keep keep those people employed and keep producing Steph As the super unique and Just advantage of being a family owned company here in Grand Junction Colorado. So it's been. It is definitely different being at home. You Know Kevin. I do this a lot. Do a lot of talking over over the interwebs but yeah no. It's it's been good. It's been real good. I'm glad to hear it. I don't know any other Turkey stories. Got A while to get out and get another one and You know right now. It's still I guess application seasons winding down. I've been putting in for a couple of states hoping that I can actually hunt this fall if I do draw but I'm kind of invested on some points but I do wonder how much This whole thing fact in a number of applications and a lot of these states although my dad He always puts in Montana. He did not draw this year. Which is the first member surly things like? Maybe I'm not the only one thinking that now's a good time to apply. Yeah Yeah for sure I think. Colorado was the one most situated. Right at kind of that. That peak-time Beginning in March beginning of April there. I'm so I think it'll be interesting to see kind of how that although We get those results. It will think a lot of people are putting in for Colorado right now. Because you're deer. Season dates have shifted later and people are cashing in so. I'm curious how much more people are applying. Burn their points this year. In comparison to past years we'll say interesting. It's interesting to me that I don't know there's some people that probably will sit on the fence and some people that think it's time to get aggressive angry ago for points in some big new nutritious. Stay home so yeah have it now? I think it's probably both. Yeah that that part of be interesting. I guess if when the fall hunting season looks like you know. Hopefully yeah winds down. But if they're if they do end up closing the nonresidents in stuff that could really hurt in a state like Colorado the dead. Let's it makes that non-resident opportunity so high. Yeah and I think those decisions whether or not they closed areas to nonresidents are really going to be determined by people's behavior now and Montana. The governor here just yesterday announced sort of phase one of trying to open things back up. And so you know what's how's that. GonNa work in terms of number cases and what that curb looks like. I think you know especially if they start to open up some outdoor spaces.

55:01 - 60:02

You know what you're going to like and so it's really up to us not just hunting and fishing public but it's up to us and you know the public the whole to try and open up a responsible manner and so that way. Hopefully we can you know. Get some of these opportunities back as soon as possible and keep them reported. It's also interesting thinking about Kevin what you're pointing out. People people feel very unprepared. Read a lot of people in especially with that Meat in the freezer aspect of it. I wonder if we'll see you don't say we say we open up a huge spike in people on hunting this year. Recruitment is good. That is good you. It really is and it might. I mean you look there. There have been meat processing. Plants that have closed down because of this There is also thoughts that potentially some of the egg stuff. The fruits vegetables might have some problems as well We don't know To be responsible And really try to take care of themselves Trust I hesitant. Saddest because I know that it gets to be whatever whatever reason it's contentious and scientist on delays right but they really need to try to trust the science people that are trying to do their best and use the best modeling best advice they can give people now absolutely hell there. That's for sure We have take stock every day. Sit through the to like just being home. I think that's one of the upsides to all this. I mean you talked about having more money. Kevin and not going to dance class for dinner a lot. I definitely have cut down on how frequently I'm eating out. I mean obviously restaurants are closed. Here I have got. I've gotten takeout like twice since we started every other meal. I've made it home and It's been awesome to be at home all day. And like you know at least time I can break out. Crackpot stuff something that Embrace something on the stove top all day long like I made a Turkey Ragu the other night. United protects hours the bone that defies in the legs and turned out awesome. But that's the kind of thing when I'm at the office that I I can't do that except for on the weekends. And so it's been really fun to be able to put together these meals. That require half the data cook but they don't. It's not like you're preparing them. The whole time is that right. You trigger right. Do you have a trigger? I don't I don't man I'm GonNa give you the advertisement for the trigger. This this this advertisement is not paid for Trager is like kind of the coolest thing because you can control it to your phone APP so literally. I can stick something on and put it at a relatively low temperature. Smoking in monitor temperature inside. I'm go to town if I wanted to go the liquor stores and be like. Oh almost let me toss up. I'm getting a little hungry. Yeah I love it. A buddy of mine just bought a pellet. Yeah that's definitely a buddy of mine. Just pellet grill the other day. I was He was telling me about it. Now's I was. I was definitely chewing on the idea by one cabin cooking so easy for me because I'm a just throw something on it three or four o'clock even when I'm not even hungry and and do something else and then just kick the temperature. When I get a little hungry you know it might be an hour. Might be on two hours. I don't really care so it's Kinda of it's kind of like okay. I'M HUNGRY KICK. It up and finish. Who doesn't like smoked meat so exactly well anything else. You'd have That you know I mean it's been a pleasure. You really kind of enlightened us to a lot of the good stuff that's going on. Trc Peas doing. Yeah I mean I just think it's great to on and have the opportunity to talk to you guys on your podcast and always appreciate seek outside of the company immediately. Make a product. You're a good partner. Together is on the right side at Conservation Issues.

60:02 - 62:09

So it's good to hear your voices and did you hear that business doing well and look forward to a time a we can get together and have a beer and do some stance the days go up to three in the morning. Do Big Stan. Yeah that'd be fun last decade Callahan's a bad influence. I only started right So Joe just for listen to where where can they find out about? Tears P Bald through their name in the hat kind of thing. Keep keep track of these issues. In all seth. Yeah thanks Dennis so I mean first off you can go to our website. The DOT Org. I'm you can sign up with us for free. We certainly appreciate Financial support. But you don't have to the NAPA. Though some gear you know in terms of being able to stay plugged in what's going on nationally on the big issues that going to affect hunters and anglers as well as a lot of local issues are tied to things like public land management We're a great resource that we really try and Keep our our members informed? Noor also really active on social media platform so you can check us out at facebook. Instagram twitter all those channels there. But we really. I think serving knit of of really trying to make sure that the sporting public is aware of what sort of big policy decisions are coming and could come that that effect vishnoi the traditions of hunting and fishing and also help people get involved to make a difference. Awesome and we'll link all those things to In the show for everybody says they can find them easily. And I really appreciate you taking the time. Nice Nice thank you thank you care to.