How To Reduce Tent Condensation

How To Reduce Tent Condensation

5th Jan 2019

How to Reduce Tent Condensation

Nobody likes tent condensation, however every tent gets condensation in the right conditions. The difference is simply how much condensation and do you notice the condensation.

There are some simple tips to reduce condensation by site selection, pitching, tools, and finally products that will minimize condensation. It should be noted that what is a manageable amount of condensation for one person my be way too much for others. 

Site Selection Tips to Reduce Condensation: 

  • A little breeze is good and reduces condensation a lot.
  • Avoid wet ground if possible (moisture in the ground has to go somewhere) 
  • A tree canopy helps 
  • Avoid low spots , especially next to creeks if possible

Tent Pitch Tips to Reduce Condensation:

  • Don't fear ventilation 
  • Elevate the bottom a bit with cordage or tie out adjustments 

Tools to Minimize Condensation: 

  • Use a bandana to wipe down the shelter interior 
  • A small heat source can help (such as a candle lantern during the summer) 

Products to Reduce Tent Condensation: 

  • A Liner (full double wall prevents condensation) 
  • A Nest (A full nest prevents some of the ground moisture, and prevents most from touching you)
  • A floor or ground sheet (to prevent ground moisture from escaping in your shelter) 
  • A wood stove (anything to dry it out inside)