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8 Person Tipi - Stove - Half Liner Bundle

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    This is your late season or winter time backcountry palace. This 8 person lightweight heated tipi tent can sleep 8 but is better suited for 3 or 4 and a stove for long term cold weather camps. 

    This Bundle Special Includes: 

    • 8 Person Ultralight TIpi
    • Extra Large Titanium Wood Stove with 9 feet of pipe
    • Half Liner  
    The Half Liner provides a barrier effectively making one side a double wall tent. For a complete double wall shelter add another half liner. The liner is made from lightweight, breathable, water repellent fabric. This keeps frost or condensation away from the occupants. The Extra Large stove collapses flat and provides a longer burn time and takes larger wood than smaller stoves. 

    For best results we recommend seam-sealing your tent, we include a tube of McNett Silnet with every tent and you can buy extra from us as well. You can do it at home or have us do it for you (adds 2-3 weeks)

    For an 8 person you will probably want to buy at least one extra tube

    For tips and tricks, read our blog post on how to Manage condensation in your tipi.


    • Height 8’6″
    • Diameter 15’10″
    • 190 sq ft


    • No Screens Canopy 72oz/2.04 kg, Complete with Aluminum Pole 117 oz /3.31 kg , Complete with Carbon Pole 107 oz/3.03 kg  
    • With Screens Canopy 83 oz/2.35 kg,  Complete with Aluminum Pole 128 oz/3.63 kg, Complete with Carbon Pole 118 oz/3.34 kg
    • Half liner 16 oz
    • Extra Large Stove 50 oz+18oz of stove pipe
    • Maximum weight: 212 oz/6.01 kg, Minimum weight: 191 oz/5.41 kg


    • Sod Skirt
    • Single Peak Vent
    • Dual Doors with Storm Flaps
    • Ultra Robust Tie Outs
    • Stove Jack / Port with rain Flap
    • Side Guy Outs for Flexi-Pitch,  increasing space and anchoring in severe weather 
    • Includes 20 Aluminum Stakes and aluminum center pole (Carbon Optional /carbon-pole-instead-of-aluminum-6-and-8/
    • Seam Sealer
    • Stuff sacks for tent, liner, pole and stakes.



    Fabric Details: 

    We use Cordura spec Ultralight silicone impregnated 30 Denier ripstop nylon with a Hydrostatic Head rating of 3000 MM. Strong and Light, this is a high performance fabric.  

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    1. Great product

      I have not really had a chance to fully test my tipi, but I did set it up in my backyard and hung out in it during a thunderstorm with 50mph gusts and heavy rain. The tipi held up great. My 5 year old son actually fell asleep listening to the heavy rain coming down.

      The only complaint I have is with the stove pipe. The pipe is very difficult to roll and it is very easy to cut yourself when handling it.

      Seek Outside Comment: The pipe is easy after the first time.
      on 9th May 2017

    2. Once I got all the parts, it was awesome!

      I ordered the 8 man tipi combo with the addition of dual screen doors to keep the MN state bird out during the summer. Primary intention is fall St. Croix river duck hunt/camping trips, winter BWCA ski-pulking, and a warm tent for cold camping and backpacking.
      Tent was delivered in about 2 weeks after ordering. I set it up to seam seal, and could not get the set backs right. reread directions. watch video. and still could not get the setbacks right so the tipi was all saggy and baggy. watch videos some more, and reread tent specs. Then I noticed that the pole was not 102 inches long as indicated by the tent specs. So I was only shipped 4 aluminum pole segments instead of 5 (rolls eyes). I thought I was losing my mind.
      I called Seek Outside and they shipped me a pole. Setup tent in 5 minutes and the setbacks were perfect. Got it seam sealed with 2 tubes of silnet, and was drinking beer in a warm tent in the pouring rain in no time. I will say that the videos that SO puts together are extremely helpful, but I would really make sure that you have at least 2 hours of uninterrupted time to set the tent and assemble the stove the first time. The new damper design is really sweet.
      Overall I am very pleased, and impressed with the craftsmanship. My only gripe was the fact that all the essential parts were not included the first time.
      on 6th Apr 2017

    3. Awesome

      I had been wanting one of these tents since Iast winter after checking out Dave and Amy Freemans 8 Man setup in the BWCA. Finally pulled the trigger 2 weeks ago. I've had it setup for a week now in my backyard and have spent close to 20 hours inside the tent in sub zero MN temps. Got down to minus 10 this last weekend. My buddy and I were shedding layers once the stove was kicking. Easily 70 plus degrees inside the tent. Excited to use this up in Northern MN in late January :) on 19th Dec 2016

    4. Amazing possibilities with this bomber shelter

      I'm blown away with the simplicity and bomber construction! I just set the 8 man teepee and XL wood stove up in my backyard for the first time and was amazed at how easy it was after watching the online instructional videos! But the most incredible thing was how easy it was to heat the thing up! I had semi dry spruce and within 5 minutes after putting a spark to it, it must have been 75F in the shelter even though it was a relatively warm 35F outside! Thanks Seek outdoors for the great product- can't wait to take it in the backcountry! on 4th Jan 2016

    5. Alaska hunt experience

      Just came back from a successful 12 day caribou hunt in the Alaska interior. Tent, carbon pole, liner and stove held up well to high winds and lots of rain/snow.

      The tent has a couple minor design flaws, but otherwise performed great. For example:

      Gear loops should be added around the tent's upper interior, and should be off-set with a second set of guy-lines from the outside. This would allow for hanging of wet gear. The existing gear/liner loops cause the upper 1/4 of the tent to sag too much (even under the weight of just a lantern).

      The exterior stove pipe sleeve flap is goofy - the shape and velcro enclosures do not "pin pack" very well when using the stove. More velcro attach points (or a small bungie cord) would work better to keep the flap anchored in high winds.

      The damper flap in the stove pipe is poorly designed. Given the flexibility of the stove-to-pipe connection, it often closed shut. I ended up removing the flap all together and the stove performed better overall.

      The upper 1/4 of the tent doors should be designed to prop open just like the top air vent. When the stove gets overwhelmed (and the tent fills with smoke), a flexible air vent on the doors would vacate the smoke (while still providing some protection with the doors zipped closed from the bottom).

      I'd be glad to demo future design changes - or send mine back to test the ideas above.

      Overall great product - and a good investment for enjoying Alaska's weather.

      David Duffy, Anchorage AK
      on 16th Sep 2015

    6. Dead of winter

      Just used my 8 man setup on a 3 day trip. Temps were around 30 degrees during the day and around 15 degrees at night. With the stove going, it was around 70-75 degrees inside. I slept in shorts and a t shirt. Made a swedish fire lay inside the stove and got around 5 hours of burn time depending on the wood. I had 3 people inside with cots and had a lot of room to spare. Winter camping at its finest!!! on 3rd Jan 2014

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