6 Person Tipi - Stove - Half Liner Bundle

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Pack Animal Camps
Group Backpacking
10-20 lbs
Occupancy With Stove:
Nest or Liner Available:
Two Person Nest
Nest or Liner Available:
Half Liner
Nest or Liner Available:
Half Nest
3 weeks
LT-6 Person Tipi - Olive Green, With Door Screens:
3 weeks
LT-6 Person Tipi - Olive Green, No Door Screens:
3 weeks
LT-6 Person Tipi - Brown, With Door Screens:
3 weeks
LT-6 Person Tipi - Brown, No Door Screens:
3 weeks
LT-6 Person Half Liner:
3 weeks
LT-Carbon Center Pole (6 and 8):
3 weeks
LT-Factory Seam Sealing:
1 week

The Six Person hot tent combo allows you to ride out storms in style.  Stoves allow you to take the chill off, cook, manage condensation, and dry soggy gear.  The included half liner effectively turns half the tipi into a double wall tent, eliminating condensation drips.  This combination is our choice for a lightweight & comfortable backcountry camp for up to three people. 

All of our gear uses the best fabrics and materials we can source, is made in-house by experts at their craft, and is backed by our outstanding warranty.  

Handmade in Grand Junction, CO.


  • Color
    • Brown - brighter.
    • Green - more muted, blends well.
    • Light penetration is equal.
  • Screens
    • Sewn in screens keep out flying insects (mosquitoes, flies, yellow jackets) and allow you to vent thru the shelter.
    • Screens cannot be added after the shelter is built.
    • Screens add 14 oz.
    • If you prefer total bug protection (spiders, ticks, mosquitoes) then add a nest.
  • Stove
    • Large is 5 oz lighter than the SXL.
    • SXL fire box is 2.25" wider than Large.
    • Decision: SXL accepts larger wood (less wood prep), and throws more heat, but comes at a 5 oz weight penalty.


  • Ultra HD Tent Fabric
  • Sod Skirt
  • SO Stake Loops
  • Guyout Loops
  • Flexi-Pitch
  • Dual Zippered Doors With Rain Flaps
  • Stove Jack With Rain Flap
  • Peak Vent
  • Hang Loops


  • Titanium Construction
  • Intake Control
  • Damper & Integrated Spark Arrestor
  • Sliding Door
  • Easy Assembly



  • Combo Weight:
    • Complete with Large Stove - 168 oz / 10 lbs 8 oz
    • Complete with SXL Stove - 173 oz / 10 lbs 13 oz
    • Dual Screens add 14 oz
    • Carbon Pole saves 11 oz
  • Tipi Weight:
    • Canopy - 59 oz / 3 lb 11 oz
    • Complete weight - canopy, stakes, aluminum pole - 104 oz / 6 lbs 8 oz
  • Tipi Dimensions:
    • Height 7’10″
    • Diameter 14’0″
    • 150 sq ft
  • Stove Weights
    • Large Complete with damper, legs, hardware, and storage bag is 35oz / 2 lb 3 oz
    • SXL Complete with damper, legs, hardware, and storage bag is 40 oz / 2 lb 8 oz
    • Stove Pipe - 2 oz / foot - 8 ft = 16 oz


  • Sleeps 6 without stove
  • Sleeps 3 with stove
  • Sleeps 2-3 ultralight short cots with a stove
  • Need one size smaller?  See the 4 Person Combo
  • Need one size bigger?  See the 8 Person Combo
  • Similar size in a pyramid shape?  Redcliff Combo


    • Stove
      • Large or SXL Titanium Wood Stove, your choice.
      • 8 feet of roll up stovepipe
      • Pipe rings
      • Damper
      • Spark Arrestor
      • Intake Control
      • Storage Bag
    • Six Person Tipi
      • Shelter canopy
      • Stove jack with rain flap
      • Aluminum Pole - 6 sections (6 & 8 poles are the same - flip the adjuster section to shorten or lengthen)
      • 20 stakes
      • Enough seam sealer to seal the shelter and have some left over.
      • Stuff Sacks
    • Half Liner
      • Liners turn half the shelter into a double wall tent, eliminating condensation drips.
      • Add a second liner and line the entire shelter, except the area under the doors.  Adds 13 oz.

Pitch Instructions:

For detailed pitching instructions please read our detailed Pitch Instructions.


For detailed instructions on how to seal your Tipi, including detailed photos, read Tipi Seam Sealing Step by Step Guide

For best results we recommend seam-sealing your tent.  You can do it at home or have us do it for you (adds up to 1 week)(if we seal the shelter it will be shipped without extra tubes of sealant):

Seam Sealing Service

  • The 6 Person includes enough seam sealer to seal the entire tipi with a tube left over.  
  • Seal the outside seams, but do it from the inside - pitching the tipi inside out allows you to reach all of the seams.  
  • The easy way to seal is to run a thin bead of sealant along the seam, then press it in with a finger, wiping the excess on a paper towel.
  • Alternatively, you can use an acid brush from a hardware store to spread the sealant.

 Top Accessories:


The most common questions we get about hot tents are:

  • How do you not burn the tent down?  
    • The stove jack is a high temp fiberglass material rated to several thousand degrees.  The tent material never touches the hot pipe.  You can get pinholes from floating embers, but a small dab of silicone seals the pinhole and doesn't hurt the shelter.
  • How does a floorless shelter work in wet weather?
    • Really darn well.  Don't pitch in a depression obviously, but the ground inside dries out quickly, and it's super convenient to just walk in with muddy shoes (or dogs) and not worry about getting your floor dirty.
  • What about condensation?
  • What about carbon monoxide?
    • It's truly not a concern.  We include a peak vent, plus the shelter will draw air through the zipper and under the sod skirt.  If you're still concerned, leave a door unzipped 8" or so at the bottom to allow more venting.
  • Fabric Details: 

    We use Cordura spec Ultralight silicone impregnated 30 Denier ripstop nylon with a Hydrostatic Head rating of 3000 MM. Strong and Light, this is a high performance fabric.  

    Made in the U.S.A from the best materials sourced both domestic and globally 

6 Person Standing / Sitting 360 VR



6 Person 360 Look Around


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  • 5
    Six person tipi

    Posted by Mark A. on 13th Sep 2018

    This is the best portable shelter I have ever seen. I have been camping since I was five years old and I got the tipi bundle for my 50 th birthday. It has change the way I camp forever.

  • 5
    Great Lightweight Shelter

    Posted by Darrell Blalock on 30th Nov 2017

    Bought the 6 man tipi with large stove (and a liner). The height and floorless design are great features but the ability to have a heat and cooking source is what love the most. I had a miserable experience in the mountains one night during an 8 hour thunderstorm where everything in the tipi was soaked due to falling condensation. I feel that purchasing a liner IS A MUST.

  • 5
    Tipi stove bundle

    Posted by Dusty Essick on 28th Nov 2017

    Tipi was easy to set up with video directions. The SXL stove was super easy to get a fire going and it puts out a ton of heat. Definitely planning on putting it to the test next fall in Alaska. I love it so far.

  • 5
    6 person tipi

    Posted by Darrell Blalock on 6th Nov 2017

    I had purchased a Kifaru tipi several years ago and sold it because I thought I was done with self guided backpack hunting. Apparently I got the bug to go back to the mountains of Colarado by myself and found myself shopping again for a tipi. Seek Outdoors had almost the same tipi with all the features for a little less money and were able to deliver sooner than Kifaru. You can't beat these tipis for the weight and ability to have a heat source. The floorless design is great. The liner is a must!

  • 5
    6-person tipi combo, Game Changer!

    Posted by srsitz on 30th Oct 2017

    I purchased a 6-person tipi tent combo with full liner and the SLX stove. GAME CHANGER!!! This tent was amazing. Three of us with 6 days of gear fit perfectly in this tent. We each packed 60 plus pounds of gear into the back country of Idaho for our deer season dividing up the light weight tipi combo. Worked great...The tipi tent was the first one we have ever used and it was a game changer. We had rain, snow, wind and sleet for two days and not a drop of moisture inside. Condensation was not a factor with the full liner, especially with the fire going. It was so nice to get back to camp after miles of hiking go inside, eat together, warm up and dry out. We stayed warm the entire our entire hunt.

  • 5
    6-person tipi combo is awesome.

    Posted by MT Dave on 24th Oct 2017

    I purchased a 6-person tipi tent combo with half liner and large stove. I couldn't be happier. The stove pipe was a little tricky to put together for the first time but after one use it is a lot easier to roll. I used the tipi tent for the first two days of Montana's rifle hunting season. It poured for 12 hours and not a drop inside. Condensation does occur but nothing terrible, especially with the fire cranking. I stayed warm the entire weekend.

    Caution: Do NOT put plastic (even a little bit) in the stove. (I know, I shouldn't burn plastic anyway). I put a small piece of plastic in the stove and it ended up coating the entire spark arrester and fumigated the entire tipi with toxic smoke. I managed to pull the stove pipe off, banged the junk off the spark arrester and put it all back together in a few seconds. I did stand outside in the rain for ten minutes to let the tipi vent. Other than my own stupidity, the weekend was amazing.

  • 5
    The perfect back country Tipi for 3-4 people!

    Posted by Eric on 2nd Nov 2016

    The 6 man Tipi was amazing in the back country! I carried it in my pack along with all of my gear, 2000' vertical accent and decent. Three guys and our gear fit in the tipi comfortably, the half liner was very nice to keep us dry in the event someone bumped into the side wall while standing up. We spent two nights in the mountains and carried the tent right to where we shot and Elk. Taking the tent with us saved a lot of back tracking. Because of the rain the biggest problem we had was finding dry wood. I learned to take plenty of good fire starters. Once the fire was started the stove would heat the tent very quickly.

  • 5
    Answer to my tent prayers

    Posted by Mike on 9th Sep 2016

    This tent bundle is exactly what i have been looking for. I have taken the tent to colorado for 10 day DYI Elk hunt, and 3 Weekend camping trips. At first it was tought to get used to setting it up, and getting the set backs just right. Time and practice helped with this. Took sometime to get used to having no floor but, its way better than sweeping out your floored tent all the time. We use Lowes House wrap ( Tyvek ) to put our pads on, and have no problem with ground moisture. While in Colorado we were in 6 hail storms, and the tent held up very well with no problems, We experianced one leak and it was in a horrible rain storm, and it only leaked at the zipper, maybe the outter flap was not covering it? Love the liner, dont have to worry about accidently touching the walls and getting wet. If i had more than 2 people in the tent i would definatly get the other half of the liner. Me and my buddy spent 10 days in the tent hunting, with all our gear and the stove setup we had plenty of room to spare. I would say comfortably with a stove and all your packs and hunting gear 3 to 4 people would be best. i would prefer 3. The stove is pretty slick, sets up in no time, and is easy to use. Learning curve on setting the dampner just right for maximum burn time on your wood, but once you figure it out, controlling the temp in the tent is a breeze. The SXL stove is a great size, if you get a good bed of coals going you can load it up with a few good sized pieces and set the dampner just right you can get 45 min to an hour burn time easily. Once the fire goes out the temp will drop in minutes. this tent does not hold heat from the stove in for long periods of time. Over all i am so happy with this purchase. expensive yes but definatly worth it. Buy once cry once.

  • 5
    Adirondacks thumbs up

    Posted by Jason Yanvary on 24th Oct 2015

    Love, love, love the tipi living. Just returned from eight days in the adirondacks wilderness. Traditional camp was a 12x12 canvas wall tent until this year when I figured we would leave the 75 pounds of canvas, corner poles, center pole and 10 pounds of various lashing cordage back in the gear shed. Everything about your product worked out flawlessly. It was warm and inviting every evening and the large stove was ever ready to fire up and keep the cold at bay. It beat the lake effect winds with ease and shed early season snows and freezing rain without a hitch. The floorless design was great and no more worries about sweeping out pine needles every couple days. Three grown men living in the 6 man was no problem. I found that the large stove was an efficient burner and got about two or more hours out of a stoke of 2 to 3 inch pieces of wood. In temperatures around 18 degrees we were more than warm and a few nights I found myself sleeping on top of my sleeping bag instead of in it.
    To sum things up I am ever so happy I did my research and chose the seek outside line of shelter. I will be a return customer without question.
    Thanks much and happy trails!