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Lead Times 1-3 weeks

Tent Sketchups

These are to scale drawings. Animated drawings are short youtube videos. This is a work in process. 

For reference bags are 6'5" and 30 inches wide at shoulders and represent a large 10 degree down bag. 

Leave comments on the blog if there are scenes you want us to try and add (you can use a simple facebook login to leave comments)

Silvertip Footprint 

Silvertip Footprint

Silvertip with Stove

Silvertip Animation

Silvertip and Cimarron Comparison Footprint

Cimarron Footprint and Sleeping 

Cimarron Sleeping with Stove

Cimarron Animation 

4 Person Tipi / 6 Person Tipi / Redcliff Footprint Comparison 

Redcliff 4 with Stove Animation

6 8 and 12 Person Tipi Footprint and Standing Headroom Drawing

12 Person Layout with 3 cots

8 Person 

8 Person 4 bags and stove

8 Person Animation 

6 Person 

6 Person Animation 

16 Person 

16 Person Animation

LilBugOut Shelter Base


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