Silvertip Full Nest

Silvertip Full Nest
Silvertip Full Nest:
4 to 6 weeks

This full nest offers complete protection from crawling or flying insects, as well as condensation.  It will also add a bit of warmth in winter.  

The nest can be left attached to the tent canopy and pitched with the canopy, keeping the nest dry even in rain.  It is easy to install, meaning you can take it or leave it, depending on the adventure at hand.

Nest includes tension / extender cordage.  Use the cordage to attach the nest stakeouts to the stake loops of the Silvertip canopy, or stake the nest independently and use the cordage as stake loop extenders on the canopy to increase airflow in fair weather.

Floor is made from a rugged 40D fabric and offers lifetime waterproofness.

Note:  A stove cannot be used in the shelter with this nest installed.

Weight:  35 oz

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