Silky ONO Hatchet


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Silky ONO Hatchet


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    "While small and compact, the Silky Ono chopper is a feisty chunk of Japanese craftsmanship that won't let you down when it comes to clearing trails or cutting up small timber for that evening fire."


    The Silky Ono Hatchet features a sturdy, yet lightweight head that is perfect for splitting kindling or chopping small to medium-sized logs. The high-quality steel blade is sharp and durable, ensuring clean cuts every time.

    This hatchet is designed for easy transport and storage. Its compact size makes it easy to pack into your backpack or camping gear, taking up minimal space while also providing the reliability you need for your outdoor adventures.

    At Seek Outside, we highly recommend the Silky Ono Hatchet for backcountry use due to its lightweight and compact design. It's the perfect tool for any outdoor enthusiast who needs a reliable hatchet that won't weigh them down.

    So whether you're building a campfire, clearing a campsite, or processing wood for your shelter, the Silky Ono Hatchet is the perfect tool for all your outdoor chopping needs. Add it to your gear collection today and experience the ultimate in backcountry chopping performance.



    Length: Blade 120 mm (4.7")

    Weight: Operating 800 g (1.76 lb); 

    Metal: Alloy Steel Blade

    Thickness: 5.7 mm

    Color: Black
    Total Length: 13.4 in

    MaterialAlloy Steel Blade