Revolution Fortress 6300

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Built to Order
Backpack Platform:
Backpack Hunting
Unsupported Expeditions
Backpack Size:
10+ Days
Backpack Weight:
4-5 lbs
Talon Optimal
Water Carry:
Water Bottles
Water Resistance:
3 weeks
LT-Backpack Shoulder Harness - Tan:
3 weeks
LT-Small Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 27" - 31":
3 weeks
LT-Medium Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 29" - 34":
3 weeks
LT-Large Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 33" - 38":
3 weeks
LT-XL Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 36" - 42":
3 weeks
LT-XXL Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 42" - 48":
3 weeks
LT-Backpack Top Lid - Olive Green:
3 weeks
LT-Hipbelt Pocket - Olive Green:
3 weeks
LT-Lumbar Pad:
3 weeks
LT-2 inch Frame Extension Set:
3 weeks
LT-4 inch Frame Extension Set:
3 weeks
LT-Both 2 and 4 inch Frame Extensions - 2 Sets:
3 weeks
LT-Base Talon - Olive Green:
3 weeks
LT-Base Talon - Blaze Orange:
3 weeks
LT-Mesh Talon:
3 weeks
LT-Merlin - Daypack Talon:
3 weeks
LT-BHA Merlin - Daypack Talon:
3 weeks

Hunting Backpacks - Fortress 6300

The Fortress is a no holds barred ultralight load hauler.  Featuring our most waterproof design with rolltop closure and two water bottle pockets, the Fortress utilizes our Talon Compression system to change the organization of the pack to match the adventure at hand. 

Handmade in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.

 Fortress Features:

  • Field Adjustable Frame Height
  • Rapid Adaptable Compression System (RACS)
  • Dynamic Belt System
  • Breakaway Carry
  • X-Pac™ Fabric
  • Dual side pockets big enough to carry two nalgenes each.
  • No zippers - seam sealing can make this backpack waterproof.
  • Six side compression straps.
  • One over-the-top "V" compression strap.
  • Two lower load shelf compression straps.
  • Note - Ice Axe Loops have been replaced by a web loop and extra gatekeeper straps.  This is a more adaptable system.

Seek Outside Hunting Backpacks:

Our goal is to build the best hunting backpacks in the world.

That's easy to say, everyone says it. But what does it mean? What criteria do you judge a thing like that by?

For us it starts with heavy load comfort and durability. Hauling elk quarters or a boned out deer stresses every part of a pack, so every part of our packs use top shelf materials and the strongest construction methods we can dream up.

Our stiff frame and hipbelt operate differently from other makers, and honestly our belts slip less under heavy loads. Our packs are rated to 100+ lbs and have carried well past 150 lb loads.

Body types and tastes differ, but we and many of our customers believe our packs to be the best with big loads.

How do you make a heavy load pack not feel like a backbrace with a day load? With an articulating frame. Under light loads our frame moves with you. It feels like it disappears.

We make the lightest weight hunting backpacks available. Why is this important? It's not if you hunt the flatlands. It becomes important when you're gaining 3,000 feet in a mile and a half and the fun factor cratered an hour ago. People who have suffered - really suffered - under heavy loads in the steeps know that weight matters.

Tall frames are great for heavy loads. Shorter frames are good for day hunting. Our packs do both. With adjustable frame height you can hunt with a 24" frame while slipping through timber, and then if you get an animal down change the frame height to 26" or 28" - without tools, in the field, in two minutes. No one else does this.

We hate raincovers. They are unneeded weight, noisy, messy, just an all around disaster. We make our packbags from X-Pac, a completely waterproof material that eliminates the need for a raincover.

These are the criteria we use to judge our backpacks.

Don't listen to us though, or to anyone else.

Be your own judge.



  • Revolution / Fortress / Base Talon - Olive 4 lbs 2 oz.
  • Volume - 6300 ci packbag, Base Talon adds 1000 ci, Merlin adds 1400 ci, Load Shelf expansion adds up to 2000 ci more.


  • Top Circumference - 48"  |  122 cm
  • Bottom Circumference - 43"  |  109 cm
  • Unrolled Height - 44"  |  112 cm


  • Suspension and Packbag 
  • 6 Side Compression Straps 
  • Over the top strap
  • Removable Load Shelf
  • Talon of your choice
  • Field Repair Kit
  • Two 1 inch belt buckles.  A 4 to 1 single buckle is available on request.



  • Adjustable frame, Can be used at 24"-  28" height - Which Frame Height is Right for Me?
  • Three hip belt sizes, fits 29 to 42 inch waists
  • Shoulder harness easily adjusts to fit 15" - 22" torsos.

 Rain Cover / Seam Sealing: 

  • For instructions, check out our video Seam Sealing a Backpack.
  • Main pack bag is made of X-Pac™ waterproof material and features a waterproof rolltop closure.  Seam sealing the outside seams is recommended for exceptionally wet environments.  
  • Waterproof stuff sacks are recommended for exceptionally rainy conditions, and drybags for submersion or severely wet conditions such as bushwacking or canyoneering.  
  • Side pockets are 500D Cordura and are not waterproof.


Backpack Accessories:

Bear cans:

  • All bear cans will fit horizontally at any location in the 6300.  Go nuts.


  • Suspension is 500D Cordura and 3D mesh. Hypalon and 500D Cordura reinforcements
  • Expedition Olive (X42) is a 420 denier plain weave with a 200 psi PET laminate
Defects in manufacturing and material for the practical lifetime of the product. Damage due to wear and tear or misuse will be repaired for a reasonable charge.

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  • 4

    Posted by L. Yancey on 17th Jun 2018

    Only used the pack on one real trip so far (3 day trip in Colorado) and I like it but not sure I love it yet. I have used a few packs, the primary competitor to this one being the mystery ranch pack I had been using before this one. The best things about this pack in my opinion is: made of water proof material, supper light weight, and supper adjustable. The worst things about this pack in my opinion: not a lot of options for organizing things (comes with the light weight), slightly nosier than other packs (comes with the water proofness), slow to access things, and for me the shoulder straps are uncomfortable. The shoulder straps aren’t really worse than my mystery ranch pack, but with only carrying 40lbs I found them uncomfortable. I don’t even want to imagine carrying out a quartered animal on top of my gear weight. I would much prefer wider and slightly thicker shoulder straps. I have wide shoulders and prominent collar bones so this may be a problem specifically to me. The best shoulder straps I have found so far have been the ones that come on the standard issue military ruck. I do love the waist strap, really wide and not too thick. I am able to make it comfortably fit my hips and there truly is no end to the adjustability to the pack/frame with the frame extensions which I use (I am 6’ 2’ and 200 lbs.).

    Manufacturer Note: We have several other pack bag options with more organization.

  • 5
    Excellent Backcountry Hunting Backpack

    Posted by Matt Jackson on 19th Nov 2017

    Prior to the start of the 2017 hunting season, I knew I wanted a high-quality Made-in-USA pack for backcountry big game hunting. After a lot of research, I had it narrowed down to Kifaru versus Seek Outside. I don't think you can go wrong with either company, and customer service is easy and first class with both outfits, but as a high-country hunter that spends a fair bit of time at or above tree line, I opted for Seek Outside due to the lighter weight. After hauling out two elk and one mule deer buck, I can say that I'm fully satisfied with my decision. I was concerned whether this lightweight pack would hold up under a heavy load, but it met my high expectations. After hauling many heavy loads of meat and gear this fall, I can say that this pack can haul more weight than I can and not a buckle or a seam failed on me during the process. You still have to put in the work, and 90lbs still feels heavy, but I've never had a pack that transferred weight to my hips and center of mass so efficiently. As a bonus I also appreciate the clean aesthetic and color scheme of the bag + Merlin and really appreciate that they don't plaster their logo all over everything.

    I'm 6'4" tall, 210lbs with a 33inch waist. The medium hip belt fit me well, and the length of the pack was perfect with the 4" frame extenders. I'm also a big fan of the ability to quickly remove the extenders after the pack in and just run the frame with a merlin on it while out in day-hunt mode. When you get an animal down, the pack and integrated 'load-shelf' haul the first load back to camp just fine, but then you can reinsert the extenders for even more efficient load hauling.

    Now, I'll be picky and list a few minor cons/room for improvements:
    1.The straps get excessively long. Especially in daypack mode. The little strapkeepers (which are really just velcro strips) should come standard rather than asking you to buy as an add-on.

    2. The frame can be a bit/creaky or loud at times. Maybe it just seems loud because it's right back behind your ears, but I definitely felt as though I had louder/creakier pack than my dad or brother, and often wondered if they would notice but they never said anything. I never felt as though a stalk was compromised due to this noise but it would annoy me sometimes.
    3. I would appreciate a good YouTube video about various pack configurations and the methods for taking off the main back, reattaching the Merlin, adding/removing the extenders, etc.

    Despite these minor issues, I'm still quite happy with my purchase and would recommend SeekOutside to anybody looking for a high-performance, functional hunting backpack. If you're trying to decide between 4800 and 6300 I'd urge you to go bigger. I run the frame and Merlin alone most of the time anyway, and the extra room in the bigger bag definitely came in handy when my dad was taking care of his bull and I went back and packed up our entire camp by myself.

  • 5
    A featherlight great multi-purpose pack !

    Posted by David, from Switzerland on 20th Feb 2016

    Really impressed by truly genuine features blended in a such a lightweight pack ! Waterproof, expandable and compressible, sidezip, side bottle pockets, chest lid and everything in a very comfortable suspension system. Great and unique design in the market. Also, great customer support to make the right selection of of so many features. Thanks seek outside team !