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Lil' Bug Out Shelter - Base

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  • Product Description

    The Lil' Bug Out is a modular shelter that adapts to your needs.  The Base is a standalone three sided tarp, two Bases together form a pyramid shelter, a Base & Vestibule makes a bomber solo or two person shelter, a Base Tarp Vestibule is great for two plus a stove, while the Base Tarp Base sleeps four comfortably with a wood stove between.  Rugged #8 zippers connect components securely.  

    This shelter truly does cover every need from solo summer backpacking to winter adventuring.

    Handmade in Grand Junction, CO.


    • Modular design with zippered connections
    • Ultra robust stake loops - big enough for cut or improvised stakes, twist a time or two to tighten up on standard stakes
    • Interior hang loops for tying clothes line or hanging gear



    • Base:
      • Weight - 16 oz
      • Height - 64"
      • Width - 98"
      • Length - 56" (center pullout adds 10")
    • Base & Vestibule:
      • Weight - 27 oz
      • Height - 64"
      • Width - 98"
      • Length - 115"  (center pullout adds 10")
    • Double Base
      • Weight - 32 oz
      • Height - 64"
      • Width - 98"
      • Length - 112"  (center pullouts add 20")
    • Base Tarp Vestibule
      • Weight - 43 oz
      • Height - 64"
      • Width - 98"
      • Length - 170" (center pullout adds 10")
    • Base Tarp Base
      • Weight - 48 oz
      • Height - 64"
      • Width - 98"
      • Length - 170" (center pullouts add 20"



    • Base
      • Without Stove - Solo to two (who like each other)
    • Base & Vestibule
      • Without Stove - 2
      • With Stove - 1+ (One is optimal, can do two with stove if careful and with some gear shuffling)
    • Double Base
      • Without Stove - 3-4
      • With Stove - 2
    • Base Tarp Vestibule
      • Without Stove - 3-4
      • With Stove - 2
    • Base Tarp Base
      • Without Stove - 6
      • With Stove - 4










    Stovejack Locations:

    • Double Base - jack in one of the bases
    • Base & Vestibule - jack in center panel of vestibule
    • Base Tarp Vestibule - jack in center panel of vestibule
    • Base Tarp Base - jack in center of tarp (can be in one base, limiting occupancy)



    • Shelter canopy
    • Stakes
    • Enough seam sealer to seal the shelter



    For best results we recommend seam-sealing your tent.  You can do it at home or have us do it for you (adds 2-3 weeks)(if we seal the shelter it will be shipped without extra tubes of sealant):

    Seam Sealing Service

    • The LBO includes SilNet seam sealer, enough to seal the entire shelter.  
    • Pitch normally and seal the outside seams.
    • The easy way to seal is to run a thin bead of sealant along the seam, then press it in with a finger, wiping the excess on a paper towel.
    • Alternatively, you can use an acid brush from a hardware store to spread the sealant.



    The most common questions we get about hot tents are:

    • How do you not burn the tent down?  
      • The stove jack is a high temp fiberglass material rated to several thousand degrees.  The tent material never touches the hot pipe.  You can get pinholes from floating embers, but a small dab of silicone seals the pinhole and doesn't hurt the shelter.
    • How does a floorless shelter work in wet weather?
      • Really darn well.  Don't pitch in a depression obviously, but the ground inside dries out quickly, and it's super convenient to just walk in with muddy shoes (or dogs) and not worry about getting your floor dirty.
    • What about condensation?
    • What about carbon monoxide?
      • It's truly not a concern.  We include a peak vent, plus the shelter will draw air through the zipper and under the sod skirt.  If you're still concerned, leave a door unzipped 8" or so at the bottom to allow more venting.


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    1. Top quality and innovative design.

      The quality on the LBO is top notch. I've owned a lot of Seek Outside gear now and the quality has always been phenomenal. If you are interested in this modular shelter do not think twice. Using the base only when I want to tarp camp and adding the vestibule when I want a fully covered 4 season shelter and everything in between is the ultimate versatility one can get out of one shelter.

      Great products and great people at Seek Outside.
      on 18th Feb 2015

    2. good so far

      This is an incredibly light little tent. I bought two so my fiancee could have one. I will eventually buy a vestibule for my solo trips and a tarp for when we both go camping with the dogs. Setup was more straight forward than I imagined. This tent is incredibly versatile and I love the modularity. I look forward to my summer camping with the LBO. I will also be carrying it at work (EMS) as part of my back country medical load. on 12th May 2014

    3. LBO BASE

      This is about the coolest little shelter made. I've owned about every brand of tarp and tarp tent. For backcountry hunting this thing fits the bill. on 21st Nov 2013

    4. Great

      While looking for a new backpack tent this spring I was torn between the Kifaru supertarp and the LBO. After a ton of research and though I went with the LBO.

      Its modularity, price and craftsmanship beat out the Kifaru by a long shot. I now have a system that I can use from car camping with the wife to backpack hunting during the fall, and when I add a stove It will be great for the late fall and winter trips!
      on 20th Jun 2013

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    • Lil Bug Out
      The Lil Bug Out Shelter by Seek Outside. A lightweight tent , ...

    Lil Bug Out

    The Lil Bug Out Shelter by Seek Outside. A lightweight tent , that is modular and can be adapted to the conditions at hand
  • Warranty Information

    Defects in manufacturing and material for the practical lifetime of the product. Damage due to wear and tear or misuse will be repaired for a reasonable charge.

  • Other Details

    Activities: Ultralight Backpacking
    Height: Kneeling
    Weight: 0-2 lbs
    Occupancy: 1
    Nest or Liner Available: Two Person Nest