Lil Bug Out Combinations


The Patent pending, Lil' Bug Out shelter is a 'first of it's kind' ultralight shelter. It can be used in a variety of configurations to provide a very capable shelter for up to 6 people.  The Lil' Bug Out is so verstile it can be a three sided tarp, a one man backcountry mansion, a two man high country camp, or a family shelter all from zipping and unzipping a few pieces. We love this shelter for River trips in its Base Tarp Base configuration.

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  • Two Base units with connecting Tarp
    Lil' Bug Out Shelter - Base - Tarp - Base $539.00 Add To Cart
    Lil' Bug Out Shelter (Base Tarp Base) The Lil' Bug Out Shelter is the most versatile lightweight shelter system you can own. This setup includes two base sections, and a connecting tarp. When all the pieces are connected...
  • Redwood Brown Color
    Lil' Bug Out Shelter Base and 3 Piece Vestibule $335.00 Add To Cart
    The Little Bug Out might be the most versatile pyramid shelter on the market.  With the 3 piece vestibule it's a fortress for two and a stove, or a palace for one.  With another base and a tarp it turns into a...
  • Stove Jack
    Lil' bug out stove jack - installed $55.00 Add To Cart
    If you want to rock a stove in your LBO you will need one of these. Can be added at time of purchase or you can mail back your tent later if you change your mind.   Includes installation, installed centered in the...
  • Tent Accessory Kit Bundle (Glowire, Titanium Stakes, Silnet, Tenacious Tape)
    Tent Accessory Kit Bundle (Glowire, Titanium Stakes, Silnet, Tenacious Tape) $34.99 Add To Cart
    This is an accesory kit bundle and Includes the following  Atwood 3/32 Glowire 50 ft (great for guy out lines) 5 Dutchware Burley Titanium Tent Stakes (great for guy outs)  Tenacious Tape by Gear Aid (Great...
  • Little Bug out Base
    Lil' Bug Out Shelter - Base $205.00 Add To Cart
    The base for all your Lil' Bug Out configurations Can be used alone as a three sided tarp (we love this use in the summer.) 16 ounces. Can be coupled with another Base, a Vestibule or a Bug Out Tarp Includes: stuff...