Backpack System Overview and Videos

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Our backpacks prioritize comfort under heavy loads, light weight, waterproof materials, and durability.  We build packs for hunters, packrafters, through hikers, and people doing some really cool expeditions.  Built for big trips, they are comfortable enough to not be "too much" pack for a day hike.

Our system is technologically advanced, and as such requires some effort to fully understand.  

What you need to know about Seek Outside Backpacks:

  • Our backpacks are split into two lines by the primary load carry method.  Breakaway packs have the ability to separate the packbag from the suspension and carry a load between the two.  Integrated packs do not have breakaway carry.
    • Breakaway - carry load between suspension and packbag. (Versatile, good for heavy or awkward loads)
    • Integrated - carry load in packbag, or compressed on the outside of packbag. (Very lightweight)
  • All of our packs - Integrated or Breakaway - use the same frame, hipbelt, and shoulder harness.  So they ALL feel very similar under load.  
  • Adjustable frame height - Our standard frame is 24" tall.  By using 2 or 4 inch frame extensions you can change your frame height from 24" to 26" or 28".  This ability allows you to adjust the fit of the pack to your torso height, and also tailor your comfort (tall frames carry heavy loads well, etc).
  • Materials
      • UltraPE 400
        • Laminate of pure UHMWPE woven with recycled polyester.  
        • Waterproof to 200+ PSI
        • Abrasion Resistance - 7600 cycles Taber
        • Tear Strength 114.5 lb Warp, 117.6 lb Fill
  • Talons - all of our backpacks are Talon capable - a Talon is a removable pocket / daypack / compression panel that adds volume and organization.
  • We cut, sew, test, and design everything in-house, in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Feel free to call and chat with us if you have questions.