Lightweight Backpacks




Seek Outside Ultralight Backpacks

Less weight, more adventure

Our lightweight & hunting backpacks are designed with adventure, hard use, and harsh conditions in mind.  Our patent pending frame transfers weight efficiently to the pelvis, resting your shoulders and back.  Articulation makes a strong & stiff frame move with your body under light loads, meaning that ours is the first system to be genuinely comfortable with both heavy and light loads.

Seek Outside Suspension:

Our packs all share the same frame, hipbelt, and shoulder harness.  This makes it possible to buy your first backpack and then purchase another packbag and swap suspensions for different trips - saving money vs. the cost of an entire backpack.

Seek Outside Backpack Platforms:

  • Integrated Platform backpacks have suspension components sewn into the packbag.  These backpacks do not have a breakaway capability.
  • Revolution Platform backpacks have a frame panel that contains all suspension components, creating a breakaway capability.  This platform allows you to carry a load between the packbag and frame, or to use the suspension without a packbag at all.

Seek Outside Backpack Features:

  • Waterproof X-Pac™ Backpack Fabric - no more rain covers.
  • One frame, multiple packbags.  Saves you money.
  • Built from premium materials by experts at the craft.  Use it, abuse it, pass it on to your kids.
  • Adjustable frame height fits a wide range of body types, and allows you to dial your pack to your trip (overnight vs. expedition).

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