Hunting Backpacks

brookshuntingbackpackwilderness.jpgHunting Backpacks

Seek Outside hunting backpacks are engineered for real world performance for backpack big game hunting.  We prioritize 

  • Fit and Heavy Load Comfort 
  • Light Overall Pack Weight 
  • Weather Resistance and Clean Up 
  • Long Term Durability 
  • Adaptability in the Field 

We engineered our hunting backpacks to be lightweight because ounces make pounds and pounds make pain when you're in the steeps.  To learn why weight is important and how to reduce your pack weight, read How to Cut Your Hunting Backpack Weight.

There is a misconception that a lightweight backpack isn't tough enough to take elk hunting, sheep hunting, moose hunting, caribou hunting, goat hunting, or even whitetail hunting, but the experience of our customers in tough field conditions with grueling pack outs speaks to the durability of our materials and quality of construction.

Take a look at our features and you will see how they help make a hunting trip more enjoyable. 

  • Field Adjustable Frame Height - A Simple to use system to adjust your frame height for pack out loads 
  • Dynamic Belt System - The heart of any heavy load capable pack is the Belt fit and frame. Our Dynamic Belt System is highly adjustable so you can dial the perfect fit. 
  • Rapid Adaptable Compression System - Our Compression system allows you to adapt it where you need it in the field to stabilize heavy loads. 
  • X-Pac Fabric - Weather resistant and resists blood and stains , cleans up quickly. 
  • Two Hunting Backpack Platforms
    • Breakaway Carry - Allows use as a hauler, or for a load between the bag and frame 
    • Integrated Platform - Simpler  and lighter, but less adaptable. 

We utilize X-Pac material in our hunting packs.  This is a lifetime waterproof material and means that you won't need a rain cover with our backpacks.  

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