Produce lightweight, high performance mountain hunting backpacks for the backpack hunter.


Our backpacks are split into two lines by the primary load carry method. Breakaway
packs have the ability to separate the packbag from the suspension and carry a load
between the two. Integrated packs do not have breakaway carry.


Lighter, simpler, cleaner. Carry a load in packbag, or
compressed on the outside of packbag.


Versatile and adaptable. Carry a load between
suspension and packbag. Use the frame as a hauler
for awkward loads.


Constructed of lightweight, waterproof materials made in the USA

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Hunting Packs

Our hunting packs are primarily designed for backpack hunting, elk hunting, and big game hunting in the West and Far North. 

Backpack hunting packs are made for an elite sport that requires you to carry everything you need for a 3 to 14 day trip, to navigate off trail in remote wilderness areas, to locate game animals that are hard to find - and if you're successful - you will need to pack out an additional 100 to 600 lbs of meat.

This is what drives our hunting backpack designs.  

Our hunting back packs are comfortable under very heavy loads, they are extremely light weight, they use waterproof materials (waterproof hunting packs are so much better than using a pack cover), and have several technical advancements unique to us such as Field Adjustable Frame Height and our highly adaptable Gatekeeper Compression System.

Hunting Backpack Quality

We are very blessed to own our production facility, and to employ our own sewers.  We are lucky to have some incredibly knowledgeable and experienced seamstresses on staff, some with over 40 years experience, and all this shows in our products.  We are very good at sewing and construction, and you can see that in our packs.

We have a lot of organization and pocket options to choose from, so whether you need a bow hunting pack or a pack to hold a spotter and tripod, we've got you covered.

Our hunting backpacks with frame are different from the competition.  We are generally much lighter weight, and use much more expensive materials.  Our choice of materials and construction is carefully thought out to give the durability and strength that backpack hunting packs need, while minimizing unnecessary weight.  Our lightweight hunting packs are very durable and adaptable to a lot of different uses.

Our system has some complexity, and we know it.  If you have questions, please call us at 970-208-8108 and we'd be happy to talk it over.