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Hunting Backpacks


Seek Outside Expedition & Hunting Backpacks

Less weight, more adventure

We build extremely lightweight and durable backpacks that are comfortable with light loads or extremely heavy loads.  Waterproof packbag materials eliminate the need for rain covers, and our adjustable frame height allows you to easily shrink your pack for day hunts or expand it for heavy hauling.  

Our patented Articulating Frame transfers weight efficiently to the pelvis, resting your shoulders and back.  Articulation makes a heavy hauling frame comfortable with light loads.

Our expedition & hunting backpacks are geared to passions such as backpack hunting, remote self supported expeditions, and pack rafting.  They also serve well for rescue crews or wildland fire fighting.  

Gear intensive trips require a comfortable platform, and these backpacks bear up under heavy loads and hard days.


  • 100+ lb load rating - the pack will carry whatever you can.
  • Waterproof X-Pac™ Backpack Fabric - no more rain cover.
  • One frame, multiple packbags.  Dial your packbag to the adventure at hand.
  • Built tough - use it, abuse it, pass it on to your kids.
  • Adjustable frame height - from day pack to meat hauler in less than a minute.


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