Flight Two 3200


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Flight Two 3200


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    Our Flight Series backpacks are rugged, lightweight, and comfortable even with heavier backpacking loads of 35 to 50 lbs.  Using the all-new Ultra 400 UHMWPE and Ultragrid 200d fabrics, these lightweight backpacks are excellent choices for day hikes, ski mountaineering, thru-hiking, summit attempts, or large water hauls in dry areas.

    Flight Two features a rolltop closure, a large mesh face pocket, and two patent pending side water bottle pockets that securely hold a smart water bottle or nalgene.

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    Why it's Compelling

    • Weight - 2.4 lbs (1.08 kg).
    • Volume - 3200 ci (52L) 
    • Face mesh pocket adds ~500 ci (8.1L)
    • Comfortable with heavier backpacking loads of 35-50 lbs.
    • Highly water resistant.
    • Rugged build with very good abrasion resistance.
    • Body hugging cut and ride that is good for scrambles and high routes.
    • Made in Colorado by awesome people using the best materials we can find.


    • Weather resistant rolltop packbag.
    • Large mesh face pocket.
    • Two patent pending side water bottle pockets - accept one Nalgene or two 1L Smart Water bottles each.
    • Adjustable hipbelt system.
    • Two zippered hipbelt pockets.
    • Forward pull hipbelt closure.
    • 7075 T6 aluminum frame.
    • Aluminum horizontal cross stay.
    • Four side compression straps, one over the top strap, two bottom compression straps, and Gatekeeper to Side Release Straps (set of 2).  All are removable.
    • Hydration port.
    • Hipbelt is removable for light load scrambling.

    Load Rating - 35 to 50 lbs

    Load rating changes based on torso height and frame height. 


    Torso Height is the distance from C7 (the prominent vertebrae at the base of your neck) down the spine to an imaginary line drawn connecting the points of the hips (iliac crests).  Common measurements for a 6' tall male would be 17 to 19", while a 5'5" female may be 15 to 16", though these measurements vary widely based on body composition.


    • Note - 23" and 25" packbags are not interchangeable.  A 23" packbag accepts only a 23" frame, and a 25" accepts only a 25".
    • Note -  Flight packbags and suspension components are NOT interchangeable with our Revolution Frame backpacks.
    • To Order - Select the options you want and add the pack to the cart to generate a live inventory feed that will tell you if the pack is in stock and what the expected lead time is if it is not in stock.  For rush orders or "need-by" dates call us at 970-208-8108.
    • Flight Series Packs vs. Revolution Frame Packs - judge by your frequent use.  If you often carry 35+ plus pounds or ever need to carry 50+, then a Revolution Frame pack is the best choice.  If you most often carry 20, sometimes carry 35, and may carry up to 50 occasionally then the Flight will serve you well.

    Detailed Specifications 

    • Weight
      • 23" Frame - 36 oz | 2 lbs 4 oz | 1.02 kg
      • 25" Frame - 37 oz | 2 lbs 5 oz | 1.05 kg
    • Volume
      • Packbag: 3200 cubic inches | 52 L
      • Front Pocket: 534 cubic inches | 9L
      • Bottle Pockets: Fits one nalgene or two 1L smart water bottles
    • Dimensions
      • Top Circumference: 41”
      • Middle Circumference: 39”
      • Bottom Circumference: 35” 
      • Unrolled Height: 35"
    • Materials
      • UltraPE 400
        • Packbag is UltraPE 400
        • Laminate of pure UHMWPE woven with recycled polyester.  
        • Waterproof to 200+ PSI
        • Abrasion Resistance - 7600 cycles Taber
        • Tear Strength 114.5 lb Warp, 117.6 lb Fill
      • UltraGrid Fabric- Bottle Pockets, hipbelt, and shoulder harness are200d Ultra™ grid which provides exceptional tear-strength and visual impact.  UltraGrid™ has a C0 DWR coating, free from toxic PFCs, and is finished with a waterproof 1500mm PU backing. Ultra™ grid reduces weight and doubles tear strength, compared to other gridstop fabrics on the market. Gram-for-gram, Ultra™ has a tensile strength 15x stronger than steel.
    • Water Resistant Zippers - We use #8 size zippers for accessories and pockets and #10's for packbags.  These zippers are durable, highly water repellent, and easy to use.
    • Bear Can Carry - Bearikade Weekender or BV500 will fit vertically in the upper portion of the pack.  You can also carry a bear can externally by using compression straps to secure the can to the top or bottom of the packbag horizontally.

     Included with Backpack:

    • Six compression straps (removable)
    • One over the top compression strap
    • Gatekeeper to Side Release Straps (Set of 2)



    Fitting the Flight is simple and straightforward.

    1. Adjust hipbelt length to fit your waist.  The padded portion of the belt should wrap around the points of your hips, but not by enough to limit webbing travel for the center buckle.  
    2. With the load lifters loose, shoulder the pack and snug the shoulder straps.
    3. Snug the load lifters.
    4. Go seek something, preferably outside.


    Q:  Is this backpack waterproof?

    A:  No.  The seams will allow water to seep in.  If you are in extremely wet environments we recommend seam sealing your backpack with silicone seam sealer.  See our pack instructions page to learn how.

    Q:  Will any flight pack parts - packbags, hipbelt, harness, frame, etc - interchange with your bigger packs that use the Revolution Frame (such as Divide, Unaweep, Goshawk, etc)?

    A:  No.

    Q:  If I get a 22" framed Flight pack can I later install a 24" frame in it if I feel the need?

    A:  No.  The packbags are dedicated to 22 OR 24" frames, not both.

    Q:  I'm a packrafter and need maximum water resistance in my pack.  How do I waterproof the Flight?

    A:  Use silicone seam sealer to seal the seams and cover the hydration port with tenacious tape.




    This product comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty covering fabric defects and product errors. In the event of such issues, the manufacturer will repair or replace the product at no cost to you. Please note that damage resulting from wear and tear or misuse of the product will be repaired for a small fee.