Eolus Nest (Factory Blemished)

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Eolus Nest (Factory Blemished)

Was: $219.00
Now: $186.15

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    Factory blemished items are items that did not pass final inspection. Under our quality control standards these products could not pass due to one of the following:

    1. Stitch holes

    2. Roped seams

    3. Incorrect assembly

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    Note: Customers may have to apply seam seal to cover stitch holes.


    Two person nest for Eolus FST.  This nest features two doors for easy entry/exit, plus a bathtub floor and full noseeum mesh coverage for bug protection.  Sized to sleep two large individuals comfortably, or one person plus gear.

    Note:  A stove cannot be used in the shelter with this nest installed.


    • Length - 90"
    • Width - 50"

    Average Weight:  18.9 oz with doubled #3 zipper pulls for durability.